Activities for Celebrating Samhain


* Make resolutions, write them on a small piece of parchment, and burn in a candle flame, preferably a black votive candle within a cauldron on the altar.

* Wear costumes that reflect what we hope or wish for in the upcoming year.

* Carve a jack-o-lantern.Place a spirit candle in it.
* Enjoy the trick or treating of the season.

* Drink apple cider spiced with cinnamon to honor the dead. Bury an apple or pomegranate in the garden as food for spirits passing by on their way to being reborn.

* Samhain is the right night for divination. There are a couple different ways of doing this. One method is to fill a cauldron with water. Put a crystal inside of it and dim the lights. Children and adults can look into the cauldron and see what thoughts pop into their heads.
A cauldron can also be filled with dark liquid for divination. To do this, put water inside of a bowl and add food coloring until the water becomes dark and the bottom of the bowl or cauldron can no longer be seen. Or use a crystal ball, flame, pendulum, magick mirror or runes for divinations for the coming year

* Set out a mute supper.

* Make a mask of your shadow self.

* Make a besom, or witches broom.

* Make a witches ladder for protection or as an expression of what you hope to manifest in the year ahead.

* Find a magick wand of oak, holly, ash, rowan, birch, hazel, elm, hawthorne or willow.

* Let this be the traditional time that you make candles for the coming year, infusing them with color, power, herbs, and scent depending on the magickal purpose.

* At Samhain, witches cast spells to keep anything negative from the past — evil, harm, corruption, greed — out of the future. Cast spells to psychically contact our deceased forebears and retrieve ancient knowledge, thus preserving the great Web that stretches through many generations of human families. — Laurie Cabot, Celebrate the Earth

* Take the cup of cider or wine, and lead everyone outside. Make this a ceremonial and formal occasion. If you have a vegetable garden, great! Go there now — otherwise, just find a nice grassy spot in your yard. Each person in the family takes the cup in turn and sprinkles a little bit of cider onto the earth, saying:

Summer is gone, winter is coming.
We have planted and
we have watched the garden grow,
we have weeded,
and we have gathered the harvest.
Now it is at its end.

Weaving with a Branch:

You will need a branch with at least three smaller branches, colored yarn about two yards long, and items from nature such as corn husks, feathers, herbs, long grasses, cattail parts, leaves and flowers.

Starting at the bottom of the branch, loop yarn around and around, continuing to loop out towards the end/top of the branch. Weave yarn and natural objects through the loops. The placement of the objects may be random or in a specific design.

As a variation you may tie shells, seed pods, macaroni, beads or holed stones on the yarn before you weave. To display your work, you could hang it or place it in a can of sand to hold it upright.


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