Casting Magic Spells in Partnership with Your Living Plant Allies

Casting Magic Spells in Partnership with Your Living Plant Allies
From The Element Encyclopaedia of 1000 Spells

Gardens can be both products of enchantment and independent producers of enchantment; they are a living, on-going magic spell. Gardens may be arranged in any variety of ways – colour co-ordinated, whatever was on sale at the nursery, even completely haphazardly. If you select, coordinate, and arrange plants according to the magic powers they radiate, then planting a garden becomes one style of casting a spell. Thus your desire to draw wealth, protection, or fertility to one’s home is manifested by carefully arranging the appropriate plants, and vigilantly removing those possessing opposing, contradictory powers.

This obviously is a long-term extended magic spell, rather than the type of quick-fix luck spell that you might choose for a spontaneous trip to a casino. How will you benefit from this type of garden spell?

*         The actual spell-casting, and then time spent among the botanicals and their radiant energy creates the desired adjustment on your own energy.

*         The radiant energy of the coordinated garden draws and/or repels the targeted goal to you and to your home in a more powerful manner than one botanical or amulet could achieve alone.

*         This spell is a symbiotic, reciprocal process, which ultimately strengthens all living participants for their mutual benefit. The garden will additionally attract complimentary animal and spirit allies who will also contribute to the success of your spell.

This type of magic spell is not limited to those with access to personal property or sunny weather. Magic spell gardens may be created indoors in pots. Furthermore, an entire garden need not be created; one or two different individual plants may be grown as part of a magic spell or to further other magic spells.

There are several very good reasons to maintain living plants.

*         If you are pursuing a spiritual or magical alliance with a specific plant, this is best accomplished with a living plant, redolent with power and consciousness, rather than a processed, dried plant that retains power but lacks conscious intelligence.

*         You can grow plants necessary for magic spells and / or physical healing. As you nurture the plant, communicate with it: share your fears and desires, let the plant know what you want from it. These plants will potentially provide more power for you than any others. They become your partners in healing and magic. It is a symbiotic relationship: they care for you as you care for them.

*         In many cases if you want to work with a plant, you’ll have to grow it. That’s the only way it is guaranteed to be available. The plant realm is as ecologically devastated, if not more so, than the animal kingdom. Many plants are extinct or seriously endangered. The only way to work with some magical plants (Solomon’s Seal or Low John the Conqueror, for instance), the only way to incorporate them into any spell, is to grow and nurture them. It is the only way their power will be available to you.

Because there have always been economic, space and climatic reasons why working with living plants is impractical, and because different parts of a plant (roots, leaves, flowers) manifest different magic power and energy, and thus are used independently in different spells, various methods of processing plants have evolved over the millennia. These include: dried botanicals including incense, flower incense remedies, hydrosols and oils, including fixed, essential and fragrance oils.

Harvesting Botanicals

In order to maximize botanicals’ magic potential, magic rituals and spells are incorporated into their harvesting.

Because plants are alive, removing them from Earth is a risky operation. One has the option of increasing and enhancing their power, or of offending Earth and the presiding Plant Spirits. Once upon a time, all harvesting, for magical or other purposes, was accompanied by spells, rituals, and propitiation of various Earthly and Spirit forces. Unless you purchase your botanicals from magically-orientated vendors, one can safely assume that modern harvesting is accompanied by no such ritual or spell.

If you practice extensive botanical spell-casting, you may wish to incorporate similar gestures in other ways, to enhance your spells and to provide spiritual protection for yourself. If however, you grow and harvest your own botanicals, ancient spells and rituals may be borrowed or adapted.

Because they’re alive, have power and must be treated with respect, it’s not appropriate to just go out and grab a handful of plant. Botanical materials are safely harvested through magic ritual. Essentially you cast a spell in order to gain materials to case more spells. The plant (or its presiding spirit or Earth herself, however you best understand this) must be addressed. The purpose for gathering should be explained. Because of the principal of reciprocity, gifts are exchanged. Libations of water are always appropriate, however different traditions favour different gifts. Native Americans offered pinches of tobacco; Anglo-Saxons once offered oatmeal. The ancient Romans offered bread and wine. Honey, wine, menstrual blood are all popular offerings. Fragrant incense may be burned in the vicinity as a gift.

Magic spells are always as simple or as complex as the practitioner wishes.


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