Deity Concept – God and Goddess

In the beginning was the Creator, Goddess, pure life energy, sentient and all-knowing. Goddess grew to want to experience more, to have more substance, and so She pulsated out Her energy in a flash of blinding light, known as the Big Bang, separating part of herself into empty space to create matter, God. So the Earth was formed from God, matter, coalescing from the life energy Goddess had separated from herself. And from this matter, came life on earth. Goddess wanted to tangibly experience matter, life in form, and so separated more of herself to create souls on earth, humans, to live and experience and then return back to herself. Each soul, each life, separates off Goddess, and passed through the several planes of existence, to reach physical manifestation. While passing through these planes, down to lower and lower energy vibrations, connection with Goddess became harder and harder, until, reaching earth, little remains.

We call the part of the soul that remains connected with Goddess “the Higher Self”. The Higher Self is still closely connected with Goddess, with Creator, thus is able to remember its purpose for manifesting in physical form on earth. While the lower parts of the soul live in ignorance, the Higher Self is constantly trying to guide and assist the soul to follow its purpose. Our goal on earth, in each life, each manifestation, is determined before we manifest. We live lives in physical manifestation in order to experience and learn of the material plane, and whilst here we strive to work back up the planes to rejoin the whole, the Creator.

The Creator, which we perceive as Goddess and God, is everything, in everything and of everything. This is the pantheistic/monotheistic aspect of our belief system. The Creator is the essential life energy which beats through every living cell in the Universe. A blade of grass, a deer, a human being, all are alive with the Creator’s life energy running through them. The same energy which courses through all living things also connects all living things in a Web of Life. When we die, our life energy leaves our physical body and returns back to the source, the Creator, whilst the physical matter or organic shell which housed the life energy returns back to the physical earth.

This cycle represents just one of the many cycles which govern the Creator’s Universe. Cycles and opposites/balances, create an ever-moving flow of energy. The seasons, the moon phases, the tides, our lives from birth to death, are all part of the natural cycles of the Universe. Night and day, light and dark, sunrise and sunset, yin and yang, male and female, love and fear, birth and death, left and right, Summer and Winter, fire and ice are all examples of the myriad opposites creating balance around us and within us. We are all part of the same system, the same web, the same cycles, the same energy which is the Creator.

The Creator is beyond our complete comprehension. In our limited human form, we do not have the capacity to truly understand and embrace the Creator as a whole. The Creator is like a many faceted diamond, each facet a beautiful part of the whole. We chose to look at individual facets, or aspects of the Creator, to connect with. This is the polytheistic aspect of our belief system. We choose to interpret Creator as Goddess and God – to incorporate our understanding of the balance of male and female aspects of Creator. We take this further as our needs require – such as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love or Thor, the God of Thunder; facets of the diamond, aspects of the Creator. To Goddess, the feminine aspect of the Creator, we connect the moon, birth, mothering, yin, dark, cool. To God, the masculine aspect of the Creator, we connect the sun, a father figure, yang, light, warm. To both we connect unconditional love, life energy, creation, balance, omnipotence and omnipresence.


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