Growing Magickal Herbs Tips & Notes

The majickal garden uses earth majick to heal the body, water majick to heal the heart, fire majick to transform the mind and air majick to liberate the spirit.

Tips for Growing Majickal Herbs:

*         Mix mistletoe into soil to upgrade majickal power of plants.

*         Mix in hair from your family (including pets) to infuse the earth with elements from the human and animal worlds.

*         To get the most majickal power from earthworms (who change nutrients into dissolvable form for plants, and aerate the soil), invoke the blessing of Crom Cruaich, the Celtic god of worms on them.

*         Carry a talisman or amulet of the herbs you are working with to empower their growth.

*         No knots in hair or clothing must be worn when working in the garden.

*         Talk, sing and enchant the plants. You must enchant your garden before it can enchant you!

*         Waxing moon: Sow, plant, transport, water

o    New to first quarter – fruits that bear seeds on the outside e.g. strawberries

o    First quarter to full moon – fruits that bear seeds in the inside

*         Waning moon: Divide perennials, fertilize, turn compost, mulch, weed. Harvest plants for long term storage. Dry herbs.

o    Full moon to third quarter – plant veg we eat roots

o    Third quarter to new moon – DONT sow or plant anything other than trees after last quarter but before new moon, only harvest and weed)

*         Iron is deadly to all majick. Check your tools. Purify and dedicate all tools.

*         When casting a majickal planting circle, move the athame in a clockwise/deosil direction. Dress in white, and barefoot.

*         Harvest before plants flower – plants are most majickal and strong before they flower.


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