Healing Earth Meditations


Begin circular breathing. Breathe in healing white universal light through your root chakra. See the light traveling up your chakras to the crown chakra. Exhale the light through your throat chakra back down to the basal chakra and breathe in the light again. Imagine the light like a wave. Imagine this wave of light moving in and out of your body like the tide. Now, expand the light so that it is a continuous loop of healing energy moving through your ethereal and physical bodies.

Imagine your chakras opening. Begin at the base chakra and picture a red swirling vortex of energy. Focus your attention on making this red energy very bright. Next, move up to the sacral chakra and imagine an orange energy vortex. Proceed through the chakras in this manner using yellow light at the solar plexus, green and pink at the heart, blue at the throat, indigo at the third eye, and violet at the crown.

Pick up your stone(s) (or place in front of you) and begin to focus your energy on earth-healing. Imagine the earth being covered with trees and flowers, with beautiful, flowing rivers, and being in a great state of health. Imagine it surrounded by white, healing light. Begin to further connect yourself to the earth by focusing on the two crystals. Start to pull in white healing light energy through your crown chakra. Next, imagine your legs and feet turning into roots and growing deep into the earth. Begin to transfer the white light from your crown, down through the chakras, and through your legs, out the roots, and into the earth.

Focus your attention on energizing the earth and on sending it love and healing light. Thank the earth if you wish. Spend some time sending these healing energies while continuing your circular breathing.

When you feel you are ready, imagine the roots loosening from the earth and resuming being your legs. Slowly come back to conscious awareness.

Meditation as part of the Medicine Wheel World Healing

I want you to see your roots going from you deep into mother earth… keep going down until you reach the bedrock and allow your roots to fasten on… you feel the energy coming up the roots and into your body.. notice the colour… the feel of this raw powerful energy as it fills you up.

I see us all sitting in a round room… comfortable.. without pain or worry.. just enjoying each others energy and presence… I see you all glowing with earth energy.. and your own natural energy… take notice of what you see or feel

… you will remember it when you come back. We all are so full of this energy tonight.

For those that haven’t been on a journey with me before… if you cant see what I’m saying.. imagine it.. know it… like when you enter your bedroom.. its pitch black but you know where things are.. that feeling.

We stand and make our way to a door in this room… on it there are runes and markings.. its old.. heavy dark wood…

I open it and we step out onto a path… its dusk…. the sky is clear… stars shining… those that recognise the constellations will tell us later what we see here tonight.

Its not cold.. more cool… a gentle breeze… you may smell the wild garlic.. and other night flowers… as we wait.. a feeling of calm yet excited awareness flows among us… like waiting for something great to happen… over there the path rises up a small hill… and as we stand we know that our totem animals are with us… and we are joined by our guides too.. quite a gathering of people

I take a bag from beside the door.. from it I hand all of you a torch… we light them and the flickering flames gently move and throw sparkles of light over each others faces…

Its time to go… we start walking slowly up this hill.. notice what we all are wearing.. I see many of you in robes.. the hoods up.. many colours .. As we walk we notice a humming noise coming from the summit.. we cant quite see what is over there yet but .. ahhh I see the tops of huge standing stones… and as we get nearer to the top of the path… its a henge… massive stones. The humming noise is a deep noise.. we sort of feel it more than hear it… its coming from the stones.

The pitch of the sound starts to change as we approach… its like… we are being welcomed! As we step through between these massive stones .. into the centre of this huge henge… the sound changes again.. its like its a song.. we don’t know the words but sort of recognise what its saying to us.

Without me saying… we have formed a circle… we all stand.. facing in… enjoying the feel of peace this place has… enjoying being here on this hill… the stars shining on us… the stones welcoming us… and the power building as we all start to link together… Feel the energy going from you to your neighbour… see it if you can… going from one to another…

As we do this.. I can see a shimmering in the centre… there’s someone appearing in this shimmering energy… some of us have seen him before… he wears a robe… and carries a staff… his eyes are so full of compassion…

yet full of old knowledge too… he turns slowly… recognising and acknowledging each one of us… welcoming us and our guides… its good to see him

We stand in a circle within a massive henge… as we just wait a moment to let the energy settle… the song of the stones changes… it seems to be warning us… asking for help… making us aware of the negative.. the damage us humans do to each other and the planet… as we listen the sadness doesn’t overwhelm us… in fact i feel myself fighting… getting a massive energy boost…

I am going to do my bit to help… do as you feel right… but focus your energy… feel it building amongst us… feel the energy of those who send to us tonight because they cant be here… feel it growing in our circle… wow!! that’s great…. the song is one of hope now…

In a moment I am going to focus us all on the guide in the middle… keep building as much energy as you can… he will accept your energy and it will be sent into the earth… along the lay lines… so another push as we build up this fantastic energy… really hear the sounds of it… combining with the sounds form the stones… from the earth herself… feel it building… as we do this i can see other groups of people… in other places… all doing the same… they will be doing this .. sending the energy at same time as us… with us .. helping the earth heal itself…

bringing peace and as much harmony and tolerance as we can to the worlds peoples…

NOW send all the energy to Merlin in the middle there…. see it flowing in to him as he accepts it… he glows with this energy… we keep sending and he raises his staff high in the air… I can feel the energy blasting around us… like standing in the eye of a hurricane… all focused… and he crashes his staff into the earth and all this built up energy surges into the lay lines… see the ground light up… see the lines of energy…. blasting thro the blockages… an intricate web of lines shooting out from here… meeting the energy from the other groups…. forming patterns across the countryside… patterns of light…

As we watch it goes from here .. soon it is all round the earth…. I can feel it lighting up the old lay lines…. blocked for so long…. I can hear the sound of the stones change… it’s like a huge choir…. exultant… so happy… such a melody.

All the hairs on my arms are standing… sweat on my brow… as we still send and draw all this energy to Merlin and focusing it into the earth… our home… it still flows like a mighty river .. into the lay lines … but there is a gentle energy joining us… softer… more loving….. less righteous anger… more loving… it embraces us… surrounds us…

enfolds us… it joined the link between us all… see it moving around us .. joining us… filling us… peaceful… calming

building us up….

When you feel you have enough, you send a link to all the people you know…. see the lines of energy going to family… friends and neighbours… workmates… see them doing the same… another web is forming…. see it joining the other groups working today… working to help the earth… see this gentle energy going to them and joining them… boost them… share this feeling of oneness with them… maybe you are even sensitive enough to feel them.. where they are on the planet..

I can see many groups now… all working at their places of power… there energy storms working and linking to ours… our love energy meeting.. greeting.. theirs… as below.. so above

For a few moments… as we continue to send as much energy as we can.. send also your thoughts… your wishes and healing to the world and universe we live in… feel the thoughts and love from those who couldn’t stay .. or be here tonight join and add to this wonderful energy

Listen to the song from the stones… I hear a chorus of delicate sound… a gentle loving harmony… some of us focus our energy on the stones that guard this nexus.. this place where lay lines cross… this place of peace… the stone guardians seem to shimmer with the energy we send…. I blink… its like … a creature is the guardian… it smiles at us.. . to me it looks like a massive dragon… old and battle worn… responding to the energy and rejoicing at what we do… glowing now… recharged… it thanks us

As we slowly start to wind down the energy we send… all the lay lines are blazing with energy… I can see some of the other groups dancing and their torches bobbing about…. Merlin raises his staff from the earth as the last energy drains in to the earth he smiles at each one of us… bows to honour us… namaste wise one, thank you for joining us…

He tells us to pause just for a moment and bless the henge… we do… each in their own way… set up protections… and as we start to walk back to entrance to henge .. the sound from the stones is … thank you.. welcome always….

I feel 10 feet tall… buzzing with life and the link between us all… we all slowly make our way down the hill… I turn and look… there’s a glow about the place now… the moon is framed in the stones at the other side… she smiles down at us too… Merlin turns to us all… hands us each a small token to remember tonight by… bows.. and thanks us and our guides… they turn too and embrace us… we all shake hands… hug… smiling faces all round…. and we turn .. enter the room… and sit for a moment to collect our thoughts.. and return..

Heart of the World Earth Healing Meditation

With consciousness resting in the Heart, we allow the breath to flow as compassionate awareness; receiving on the in-breath, letting go on the out-breath.

The breath flows as a wave of divine oceanic awareness,

carrying the body, and the mind; carrying all that we contain.

We surrender into the Heart, into the deep sweetness and warmth that exists there; the flame of love wells up from the centre of our being and expands, filling our chest, front and back. We soften in the belly and the spine, allowing the body to receive the Heart.

We set the intention to merge with the Christ-Consciousness and the Divine Mother, to bring healing and awakening to the Earth and all living beings.

We recognize ourselves and the group as an expression of the Sacred Heart.

Become aware of the Column of Light within your energy field, allowing your consciousness to rise upwards along the Column through your Heart, Head and Crown Chakra. Place your awareness at the outermost edge of your energy field above your head, then allow yourself to lift in awareness into the great light of the Soul above you.

Inwardly ask for the perfect union with the Heart of your Soul, through your Soul for perfect union with the Heart of the Christ-Consciousness, and through the Christ-Consciousness for perfect union with the Heart of the I Am Presence.

Allow yourself to be fully immersed in this love.

I ask that the love of the Innermost Heart, carrying the qualities of the twelve rays, flow into the Earth, humanity and all living beings in accordance with divine will.

Breathe and allow this love to flow.

We ask for the Presence of the Ascended Masters and Archangels to assist with this process. Archangel Michael we ask that you stabilize and maintain this sacred space throughout the meditation.

Bring your awareness down the Column of Light, through your body, following the Column as it passes below your feet and down into the Heart of the Earth.

Allow yourself to merge with the Heart of the Earth, affirming:

“I ask for the perfect union with the Divine Mother, and with the ‘I Am Presence’ in the Heart of the Earth”.  May the love in the Heart of creation rise to illuminate all matter and enlighten all living beings, in accordance with divine will.”

Breathe deeply and gently, allowing the waves of love to flow through you to the world.

Bring your awareness back up the column of light to rest in your Heart. Allow your Heart to remain merged with the Heart of the Earth, and your Column of Light with the Earth’s Column of Light.  Ask to experience oneness with the Christ-Consciousness. Throughout the meditation allow your field to remain soft and open, allowing love to flow through your whole body as an expression of the Sacred Heart.

We give thanks for the love received; for the love that exists always within us and around us.

Adapted from Healing the Heart of the Earth, by Marko Pogacnik (Findhorn Press, 1997).

There is dawning global awareness of the destructive ecological consequences of our civilization’s uncontrolled development.

The best way in which each of us can contribute towards earth healing, is in caring for the planet as a whole. Earth healing practices, projects, and meditations, are one way to help.

The “Healing The Heart of the Earth” meditation is best if it is performed on a regular basis by as many people as possible:

1. Imagine taking Planet Earth into your heart and imbuing it with your love. Weave green ribbons of love around it. Just pour love into the space. You can also put in positive thoughts and desires.

2. In the same way, you can then treat individual places and countries where environmental harm has manifested. Pour green over the space and its inhabitants.

3. Alternating with the color green you should envelop the Earth or the space you are working for in the color purple, which enhances the transformation process.


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