Litha Rituals with a Fire


The lighting of the fire represents celebrating the fertility of the God and Goddess.


Items for this ritual include:
– Piece of wood
– Page of writing (highs and lows of the past year)
– Vervain
– Ribbon or string


Wrap the page around the wood with the vervain and secure using the ribbon or string. Meditate and thank the Goddess for all that has come to fruition, then continue to meditate and ask the God for purity and to help bring to fruition what goals have not worked during the year. Say:

“I thank the God and Goddess for all that has come to fruition, and ask for help bringing fruition to that which has not yet come to pass. May all my ill-luck depart and be burnt up with these”

Throw the bundle into the fire.


Items for this ritual include:

– Sprigs of Lavender harvested on the day

Offer a gift of Lavender to the God and Goddess by throwing a sprig into the fire. Watching the flames, you can use this time to try fire divination, watching the leaping forms.


In Europe, it was a festival of lovers as well as that of fire. As each young unmarried couple leapt the flames, others speculated as to who would marry within the year. In other traditions, lovers would leap fires together, or throw flowers to each other across the fire. Both flowers and fire were used to give omens for love and marriage. In other traditions, leaping the fire is accompanied with making a wish.

Every-one takes turns leaping the fire, alone or as a couple and make a wish!


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