Mabon Meditation

Autumn Equinox Meditation:

Breathe deeply and relax. Close your eyes. Let your breathing become slow, even, more and more relaxing. Relax, relax into the darkness. Relax deeper into yourself. Descend into yourself as deeply as you desire. As you descend, experience fully the sense of darkness. And know that although you descend to the depths of darkness, you are safe. And experience, too, that although you are deep within yourself, you are connected to all those here, and to many who have come before, and also to future generations.

In this darkness tonight we remember especially those who have come before us in this life and have passed from it. We may have experienced their death as darkness and we know that both darkness and light are part of nature’s cycle.

You may want to remember now one particular person. You may even be able to sense their presence, here, now. See them now, if you wish, in the darkness surrounded by light. They are your past, but they can light your present and your future.


On this night of balance, we seek to restore the balance in the world, and in ourselves. On this night of increasing darkness, we ask guidance in seeing clearly. On this night of beginnings and endings, we seek to understand the past, to fully experience the present, and to know what is necessary to continue successfully into the future.

Let us take a few minutes to gaze into the flames–or if you prefer, you may keep your eyes closed–to see, to know, these things. Let us look first to the past. See in the flame, or in your mind’s eye, a time in the past that still concerns you.


Ask what you need to know about that time to put it to rest. See it clearly now.


And now see it fade, slowly, slowly, fade into the darkness. And as it fades you are at peace with it. It is over now, it has faded until you can no longer see it. And you are ready to look at the present.

And so a second time you look into the flame with your eyes, or with your mind’s eye. And you see a present situation.


See it now clearly.


If you are happy with this situation, keep it clearly in your sight. If there is something in this situation you would like to change, see it change now to exactly what you would like. See it clearly.


And now, for the third time, look into the flame. And if there is anything about the future you need to know, you see it now, you know it now.


And now, in your own way, you thank Our Great Mother for these visions and for this guidance now, as in the past, and in the future.


And when you are ready, come back to this place and time.


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