Magickal Garden Design Tips & Notes


*         Qi flows best along natural contours. Take natural paths into account.
*         Plant delicate moss or creeping thyme between stepping stones.
*         Slopes carry more majickal potency than most flat spaces.

*         Odd numbers symbolize spiritual elements. Plant trees in 3s and other plants in drifts of 5 – 9.
*         Origanum makes a good ground cover that other plants can still grow through.
*         Flowering shrubs are less work than flowers
*         Dedicate and consecrate garden with the 4 elements. Can invite friends.
*         Shade loving majickal plants include astible, forget-me-nots, monkshood, columbines, foxglove, sweet woodruff, day lilies, cranesbills, periwinkle and violets

Trees, strongly shaped shrubs and vines. Rocks, paths, contours. Aura of strength. Building projects, career, business. Touch. Good for a Prosperity garden (bury treasure).

Pond, shells. Aura of awareness. Peace, family, friendship, contemplation. Taste, nourishment. Good for a love charm garden.

Colour, tone, shade, bloom, foliage. Aura of joy. Sundial. Passion, strength. Hot. Taste. Protection.

Fragrance. Wind chimes. Aura of spirituality. Intellectual, spiritual, airy, arts. Sound and smell. Good for a luck garden and a herb garden. Most fragrant flowers include hyacinth, lilac, lily of the valley, roses, lavender, dianthus, peonies


Yang: Front of garden, sun, hills

Yin: Back of garden, shade, water

South facing garden most auspicious.


Shapes incorporate ancient and powerful motifs that give rhythm, strength and majickal significance to the space they enclose. Each shape facilitates a different aspect of magic.

*         Circle: Natural shape, brings together opposition and creates healing. Protective. Solar. Symbol of completion, eternity, perfection. Emblem of female. Best within a larger design.

*         Squaring the Circle: Square with a circle inside it. Unite earth and heaven realms. Divine spark within all of us.

*         Square: The 4 seasons, powerful symbol of earth.


*         Love Charm Garden: Oval or circle. No straight lines or sharp angles. Informal, casual. Prominent water element. Include night blooming fragrances (moon) like Jasmine. (Idea – use rose quartz for circle border and make in water section)

*         Prosperity Garden: Earth features and brilliant colours. Bury treasures. Straight lines, more formal. (Idea – earth section with squaring the circle)

*         Luck Garden: Triple ring. Air. Transition and change. The interlocking circles symbolize luck (physical world), meditation (intellectual world) and divination (spiritual world). Each ring planted with plants holding respective powers.

*         Faery Garden: Aspen, betony, borage, carnation, chamomile, clover, daisy, holly, hyssop, juniper, lavender, lilac, maidenhair, fern, pansies, rosemary, St Johns Wort, sunflower, sweetpea, thyme, vervain, violet, yarrow, zinnia all good. NO peonies or dill.


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