Protection Amulet on Litha


Items for this ritual include:

–         Pre-cleansed Quartz crystal with a hole through it
–         Approx 1m length of cord or string
–         Any flowers from the list not used in casting the circle


Call upon the five elements, the Goddess and God to support you. Take your crystal and hold it in the light of the Sun. Don’t worry if it’s a cloudy day- the Sun is just as present. Visualize the Sun’s rays filling the crystal with light and energy. When you feel that your crystal has been “charged” in this way, thread it through the string and tie the string to close the loop. You can add to this any flowers harvested in the morning. As you secure the flowers to the string, make a wish. Thank the elements, the Goddess and the God for their aid.

You can now take your crystal, flowers and string, and hang it in a window, preferably where it will be sure to catch the Sun’s rays. The flowers represent the carrier of your wish to the next world and also serve as protection. At any time when you feel particularly in need of the energy of the Sun, you can take your crystal down and carry it with you, or wear it on a cord around your neck. In terms of planetary influences (the Sun is perceived as a planetary body in terms of Magick), the Sun is the source of energy and symbolic strength, protection, honour and power.


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