Kitchen Witch Protection Spell for the Home

Kitchen Witch Protection Spell for the Home

–      Sea salt
–      Quartz crystals
–      Basil

–      Bay
–      Sage
–      Large glass jug or tin bucket (not a plastic vessel)
–      Cup of vinegar
–      Cloth

* Sprinkle salt around the outside boundary of the house (especially doors and windows)

* Place crystals around the fence line

* Create a mixture of basil (banishing), bay (protecting) and sage (spirituality) in warm water and leave to soak overnight, preferably under a full moon if time allows. Using a clean cloth, wipe down all doors and window frames with the mixture while saying the incantation:

“ Herbs of Basil, Sage and Bay,
Bring your love and protection here to stay.
May only positive thoughts, words, deeds and entities enter this home.
With these herbs I banish all negativity in any shape or form.”

Using the remaining mixture, add a cup of vinegar and pour down all drains and sinks, repeating the incantation.

Optional – Add Protective Charms for Home

Cleanse and consecrate mirror charms or one mirror on a string. Say the incantation:

“Mirror bright, mirror clear
Protect from harm all who abide here”

Cleanse and consecrate wind chimes and hang them near the entrance to the front door.

Draw a pentagram on the front gate and the front door.



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