Willow’s Love Bottle Spell

* Collect a number of stones and charge each stone with the qualities you are looking for

* Put the stones in a bottle with lavender, vanilla, ylang ylang and patchouli (herbs or incense)

* Add a little honey

* Seal bottle and shake while visualizing your perfect outcome

* Place the bottle under your bed until your find love


* Tumbled stones, Rose quartz, or similar, instead of plain stones
* Rose petals and dove feathers in the bottle
* Power symbols on the outside of the bottle (runes, your sigil and star sign, goddess of love, etc)

NEVER cast a love spell with some-one in particular in mind!!! It interferes with free will and it WILL backfire on you. Love spells are ONLY suitable if you are looking to find love – not trying to make a certain some-one fall in love with you.


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