Mirror Back Protection Spell

Useful when tides move against you, or you suspect ill wishes or rumour mongering. Candle spell done on a mirror:

“Surrounded by a bright, loving light
Filled with Goddess and God’s righteous might
A perfect circle which can’t be broken
Strength and protection in its token
Like a mirror, it reflects all harm
Back to the sender – a karmic-free charm
Enemies both close and far
are quick to falter in their own tar
Those that stand on either side
Will see my truth with their own eyes
No harm to those who wish me well,
for them the task of my truth to tell
To the power of 3 x 3
By my will, So Mote It Be”

* Mirror to burn candle on
* Tiger’s eye for persuasion and popularity
* Dress candle with basil essential oil for peace, your star sign, and runes e.g.  Fedu (communication), Degaz (clarity), Sowelo (justice), Algiz (protection), Uruz (power and strength)
* Use a white candle for unity/ green for healing / red for strength / black for protection
* Bay leaf for protection and success
* Best done on a waxing moon
* Lay a smaller mirror in front of the candle/s that can fit inside your bag/pocket to carry around with you


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