Numbers and Colours – Correspondences


1 – Self reliance, personal ability
2 – Partnership, assistance, peace
3* – Growth, expansion, fertility, creativity, good luck
4 – Practicality, stability, life lessons, working things through
5 – Communications, speed, movement
6 – Home, love, pleasure
7 – Spirituality, psychism, spiritual aid or guidance
8 – Intensity, extremity, great success or failure
9 – Compassion, helping others, group projects
10 – Completion, unity

* NOTE: Use of the phrase “by the power of 3 x 3” in a spell –
3 is the numerological number for magic and art of creation. 3 x 3, or 9, represents creation unfolding into infinity


Black – Protection, safety, grounding, wisdom, learning, guidance
Red – Strength, vitality, passion, add energy
Pink – Love, compassion, nurturing, romance
Orange – Creativity, self expression
Yellow – Pleasure, success, happiness
Green – Healing, growth, abundance, money, fertility
Blue – Communication, focus, willpower
Indigo – Psychic ability, spiritual guidance
Violet – Spirituality, psychism
White – Purity, unity, all purpose


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