Quick Crystal Reference

Amber: Clear mind, inner peace
Adventurine: Money, prosperity
Amethyst: Balance, calm
Bloodstone: Creativity, healing
Blue Lace Agate: Healing, wishes
Carnelian: Personal power, happy home, fertility, strengthen magic
Citrine: Balance, self-esteem, wealth
Fluorite: Healing, team work, block electro-magnetic smog
Garnet: Focus, protection, healing, passion
Haematite: Protection, absorb negative energy, relieve grief or pain
Jade: Serenity, balance, luck, Spirit
Jasper: Flexibility, openness to new ideas and influences
Kyanite: Dispel negative energy, open communication
Lapis Lazuli: Psychic opening, sense spirits
Malachite: Healing
Moonstone: Balance mood swings, comfort, psychism
Pearl: Peace, compassion, love, best at retaining positive emotions
Quartz: All purpose stone
Rhodochrosite: Sexual adventure, fertility, pregnancy
Rose Quartz: Love, happiness, self-esteem
Sodalite: Replaces Lapis, brilliant for headaches
Smoky Quartz: Dispel depression
Tigers Eye: Popularity, persuasion, travel protection
Turquoise: Protection, luck, psychic strengthening
Tourmaline: Grounding, repel negative energy, protect against electro-magnetic smog


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