Stop Being A Victim & Release Your Inner Warrior!

Write the word “Victim” on a piece of paper. Pour all your emotions of uselessness, helplessness, vulnerability, etc into the word as you write it. Think about every time you could have done something but didn’t. Think about every time you “took it” instead of standing up for yourself. Whatever makes you feel like a victim! Focus all these awful emotions into that one word as you capture it on the piece of paper. If you want, scrunch it up, rough it up, tear it up, give it a hard time!

Now, light a white candle (for purity – you are purging this energy) and burn the piece of paper while chanting:
“Behold I burn the Victim card,
I release this energy from me
And in its place I bring through
The Warrior within me true”
Make sure the entire piece of paper is reduced to ash, then after one last chant, blow the ash into the wind with a powerful exhalation.

The next day, take a second piece of paper and write the word “Warrior” on it. Pour emotions of strength, courage, lioness love, etc into the word as you write it. Picture a fierce female predator, or an admired heroine. Picture yourself standing up and being fully in your power. Powerful, no longer powerless. Feel it in all its intensity.

Now fold it up, and bury it in the garden or somewhere you feel comfortable returning it to the Goddess. Place an offering of thanks with it, for example wrap the paper around a small crystal (e.g. carnelian for personal power and strength), a few sprigs of a corresponding herb (e.g. a clove for courage and protection or fennel for strength), or burn an incense (e.g. cedar for confidence, strength and power). As you bury it, say:

“As I set my intent free
I send an offering with my plea,
Release the warrior within me!
By Their Grace, so mote it be!”


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