Full Moon Cone of Power

(Correllian First Degree – Esbats Ritual *Minor Adaptations Made)

The Cone of Power may be used as an energetic vehicle for any goal – either individual or group.

Let us begin by joining hands. Take a moment to focus upon your goal. See it clearly – imagine it fulfilled. Concentrate on it strongly. Focus your magical intent upon the goal. Be clear about the goal, know that it is yours.

Now, imagine a small ball of white energy in your left hand. Feel it – feel the heat of the energy in your hand, the intensity of it. See it, clear and white, shining – strong and filled with power.

Now feel in your right hand a similar ball of energy, not your own, but generated by the person to your right. Feel it as strongly as you feel your own ball of energy. Feel its strength and power – see it clearly, bright and white and unclouded.

Slowly feel the energy from the ball in your right hand beginning to move toward your left, slowly, slowly, until there is a solid cord of energy between your two hands – a solid cord of energy all the way around the Circle. Now feel that cord of energy begin to move clockwise around the Circle. It begins slowly, but quickly picks up speed.

Feel the energy moving faster and faster around the circle. See it become like a solid ring of white light around the Circle, moving through each person – feel the energy as it moves through you.

Now feel the energy building as it picks up still more speed – see it begin to spiral upward – just a little at first – then more, see it spiralling higher and higher, narrowing as it grows, to form a cone. A cone of white light rising up from the Circle, spiralling clockwise faster and faster – feel it moving through you. Feel its speed and strength.

See the cone spiral faster and faster, becoming brighter and stronger. Think about your goals – see them, imagine them fulfilled, place them into the energy of the ever-spiralling cone.

Faster and faster it goes, impregnated with our magical intent – focused towards our goals – almost ready!

Almost ready!

Now! See the cone rise up out of the circle, see it rise upwards, higher and higher, carrying our goals into manifestation.

The process will be complete when the Circle is opened, but indeed – the goals are accomplished even now.


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