New Moon Meditation – World Tree Meditation

(Correllian First Degree – Esbats Ritual *Minor Adaptations Made)

Close your eyes, relax and go inside yourself. Become aware of your Heart Chakra, and imagine a ball of white light within it. This is the light of the Eternal Flame, your connection to Goddess – the Divine Spark within you. In this ball of light is love, and peace, and strength. Feel the love and power in the light – the love of the Goddess.

Now imagine that ball of white light expanding – see it grow larger, filling your chest. Imagine it growing to fill your torso, moving out farther to encompass your arms and legs. See the ball of light expanding beyond your physical body, to form a ball of light around you. Feel the energy of the light – feel it suffusing you. You are safe in the ball of light, for it is the light of the Goddess, and in it are strength, and love, and peace.

Relax. Feel yourself floating within the ball of light. Let the ball of light lift you, carry you. Feel yourself rising up, gently carried by the ball of light, supported by the love of the Goddess. Imagine that you are floating, gently carried along by the night breeze. Comfortable. Safe. Supported by the love of the Goddess.

The Earth is far below and the stars are all around you. Below you see buildings, and roads, and trees, and rivers – but it is all far away from you. You are simply peacefully floating. Consider your life for a moment, now that you are far from it, floating in the sky. What is important to you at this point in life?

Think of a goal that you wish to work for. Something which you want to develop or to do. Something which you want to see prosper. Concentrate upon your goal. Imagine the goal strongly.

Imagine the ball of light with you in it coming down to Earth now. Imagine it coming to a rest in a clearing in the woods. The image of the ball of light fades from around you, but its protection remains. Look about you, what do you see? What is the condition of the woods? How does it make you feel?

Imagine yourself forming a ball of light between your two hands. A ball of clear, white light. In that ball, imagine your goal fulfilled. See the goal accomplished, within the ball of light which is between your hands. Focus and concentrate upon your goal.

Now you will see a seed appear at the centre of the ball of light between your hands. A single seed, glowing with light as if a tiny sun were within it. Place the ball gently on the ground, and make a little hole in the soil before you. Lovingly pluck the seed from the centre of the ball, and plant it in the hole.

Look into the sky above you – there you will see the first sliver of the waxing Crescent Moon. Speak to Her. Ask Her to send down Her light upon your seed. A shower of white light begins to rain down from the New Moon, and in the white light are millions of tiny, glittering silver stars. It only lasts a few moments, but it is indescribably beautiful, sparkling with energy.

In front of you, from the newly covered ground above your seed, you see a tiny shoot poke up through the ground. The shoot stretches upward, slowly growing into a sapling. As you watch, the sapling grows higher, sturdier, into a small tree. The tree grows larger and larger, taller than you. Then taller than you can even see – towering into the heavens. The branches of the tree, huge thick boughs, spread out above you, reaching out in every direction – full of masses of evergreen, star-shaped leaves.

And in the tree, you begin to see living things. Birds, animals – every kind of animal. Small animals that you would expect to see in a tree, like squirrels, big animals that you would not expect to see in a tree, like water buffalo. Aquatic creatures too, seemingly out of place. And people – all kinds of people throughout the branches of the tree. For this is the tree of life, and all life is in the tree.

And moving through the branches of the tree, you catch glimpses of a dragon among the branches. Too big to truly see it, yet you feel it and perceive it – the Great Dragon, Uktena, the Ourobouros, the Tao, the movement of creation itself.

And finally, your neck craned upwards, up among the branches you see it – your goal. Fulfilled and successful, you see your goal already accomplished in the branches of the tree. Claim it as your own. Accept, and give thanks for it.

Now you begin to see the glittering light of the New Moon begin to shine through the branches of the tree – white with millions of tiny, glittering stars sparkling throughout it. The light shines brighter, and brighter. It spreads out from the tree – it suffuses everything. You are engulfed in the glittering white light – it is all you can see now, it fills you completely. And in the light is love, and joy, and peace.

Gently, slowly, the image begins to fade as you return to yourself. As we count to three you return. One, slowly returning to the body. Two, a little more, almost there. Three, you are back, refreshed and invigorated.


–          What was the clearing in the woods like when the ball of light first set you down there? Was it healthy and thriving, or barren?

This represents how you actually feel about your foal. If the clearing was not healthy and thriving, examine your feelings about the goal and look for crossed wires – mixed feelings that may tend to trip you up or lead to self-sabotage. When you find them, change them, re-programme them with intent.

–          What did the tree look like? Was it tall and straight? Was it interestingly gnarled? Was it healthy and verdant? How did it make you feel?

This indicates how your goal will grow.

If you do not like the answers to these questions, you may re-imagine the tree later, and send it healing energy – visualize it healed and healthy.

New Moon World Tree meditation

Tree of Life


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