Introduction to Working with Angels


From Doreen Virtue’s official site,

“We aren’t that difficult to hear, if you will listen for us with an open heart. Most of the time, we are closer to you than you can imagine. A whisper, a thought, is the only signal we need from you to get a conversation started. We have enormous respect for what you’re going through here on planet Earth at this time. We never seek to interfere with your lives, only to bring you blessings of insights and new ways of looking at yourselves.” – A message from the Angels

“Sometimes, I’ll see people whom an entourage of angels surrounds. I always stop them and ask whether they purposely called the angels. Always, the answer I hear is, “Yes, I asked to be surrounded by angels.” The more we call upon the angels, the more they can come to our assistance.

Angels want to surround us, and they greatly desire to give us help. Our joy brings them enormous pleasure. Yet, they cannot help us unless we ask. A universal law that binds angels says, “No angel shall interfere with a human’s life unless asked, with the sole exception of a life-threatening emergency. An angel will not make decisions for a human, but – when asked – an angel may offer advice and different ways of looking at the given situation.”

So an angel may nudge you or encourage you, and an angel may create a miraculous coincidence for you. However, an angel cannot help you unless you choose to accept the help, because you have free will.

To ask for angelic assistance, you needn’t conduct a formal invocation ceremony. God and the angels aren’t complicated, due to their true nature of pure and simple love. Only our lower-self ego believes that spirituality is necessarily complicated, because it cannot believe that something so powerful and great could be accessible to everyone instantly. Yet, it’s true.” – Doreen Virtue


“The angels want to interact with you more frequently. They’d love to be fully involved with every aspect of your life, yet they cannot help you unless you specifically ask. ” – Doreen Virtue

* When you ask for help for some-one, the thoughts you send out create a bridge of light which the Angels can use to help that person. Sit quietly and direct Angels to help individuals in need.

* Angels use synchronicity and coincidence to give you signals about your life path and their presence. Listen to the quiet voice of inspiration, hope and guidance from your Angel.

* Think of some-one in need of reassurance or who is in doubt or uncertainty. Direct the Angels to give them a clear signal of their presence.

* Asking your Angels to communicate with some-one else’s Angels can soothe the mosquito bites in relationships. It can also help to heal the wasp stings. It only takes a moment to ask your Angels to communicate with some-one else’s. The results can be incredible. It does not have to be some-one you know. You can tell your Angels to talk to the President or Prime Minister’s Angel, or to the Guardian Angel of the big boss of a company, and ask their Angel to help them make decisions for the highest good or to take humanitarian actions. When you communicate through divine forces, you become a powerful light.

* Sit quietly and direct your Angel to talk to the Angel of some-one who is influential in the world about taking decisions for the highest good of all. You can tell your Angel to remind them about environmental issues, health, empowerment of others, integrity or any higher way of being.

* If there is a problem in your community or your country, tell the Angels about it and ask them to find a perfect solution. Then let it go. Join with others to hand world problems over to the Angels. You must contract to stop worrying and let them deal with it. Angels can find solutions that we would never think possible.

* Treat the next person you meet as if they were an Angel. You will bring out the angelic qualities in them.

* Angels love to sing. The sound of Angels singing heals and purifies. Very often the Angels sing over you for the sheer joy of doing so. Remember that you can invite the choirs of Angels to sing over you at night. Then you will be bathed in their healing, purifying, joy-filled sounds while you sleep.

* Direct the heavenly choirs to sing over people in need or over hospitals. Call them in to play peach music on their harps in places of war and conflict.

* Lovingly sing the name of some-one in need and ask the Angels to enfold that person.

Source: “Angel Inspiration” by Diana Cooper


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