Lammas Activities


  • Corn dollies and grain mothers can be made at this time.
  • It is a good time to make a witches bottle or spell purse. Find items for the spell such as coins for a prosperity spell etc. When you have finished seal the purse or bottle with candle wax and either bury it in the garden near the front door or put it where it will not be disturbed.
  • Giving Thanks for the Harvest of both physical and spiritual gains.
  • Rituals of Releasing and Sacrificing what one wants to get rid of
  • Offerings of the Produce and Grain Harvest being blessed and/or thrown into the fire
  • Grains being woven and braided into Goddess symbols
  • Doing Rituals and Spell Workings for Prosperity, Protection and the continued Fruition of Goals.
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables from your garden, or pay a visit to a Farmer’s Market.
  • Make Jams, Sauces or Wines
  • Harvest herbs for use in charms and rituals
  • Kindle a Lammas fire with sacred woods and herbs
  • Sacrifice bad habits and unwanted things from your life by throwing them into the Sabbat fire.
  • Bake an Apple Pie or Berry Cobbler
  • Visit a Craft or Barter Faire or simply have an afternoon of crafting, by yourself or with friends, in honor of Lugh, the Master Craftsman God.
  • Go Wine Tasting or host your own by having each of your friends come over for a Pot Luck Dinner and Wine Tasting
  • Try a new recipe for cooking your favorite summer vegetables- or try a new vegetable
  • Make a Sabbat Altar indoors or out
  • Try a new recipe for a Sabbat Oil or Incense
  • Go to a farm to pick apples or berries
  • Take a drive into the countryside to enjoy the last of summer, and the change of the seasons
  • Spend a clear evening outdoors observing the early autumn night sky and constellations (with or without a telescope)
  • Go Camping…even in your own backyard!
  • Take some time to observe the different species of trees, herbs and flowers that grow locally in your area this time of year.
  • Pay attention to which animals and birds are spending time in your area at this time of year.
  • Make magickal Charms or Talismans to be blessed on Lammas.
  •  Bake your own bread on Lughnassadh Eve, either with yeast or from a mix in the shape of a figure who can either represent the Grain\Corn Spirit or the Grain Mother. Add milk to the mix and as you stir the mix in turn with friends and family or alone, make wishes for abundance and the harvest you wish to reap during the coming months. Ask also (if appropriate) for suitable employment. When your bread is cooked, eat or share it and name the transformations you seek in your life/the world. At dawn put out any remaining crumbs for the wild birds.
  • Bake extra bread or fruit pies to give to neighbours and colleagues who maybe live alone and may not cook for themselves often.
  • Cut down an area of weeds or overgrown grass in your garden or tidy up indoor plants. Alternatively spend a day on an organised project clearing local wilderness, to symbolically generate the energies to clear your way ahead in your life and relationships.
  • Use corn or dried grasses to create corn knots and corn mother figures (with featureless head, arms, body and legs) tied with red and blue threads. Hang them in the home through the winter to bring protection and burn them on the first Monday after Twelfth Night or on next year’s Spring Equinox fires.
  • If you want to make a Corn spirit, make an abstract shape using ears of corn tied together. Burn him in your Lughnassadh festival bonfire and scatter some of the ashes in your garden or on indoor plants to bring abundance to the home during the winter ahead.
  • Arrange journeys to see friends and relations or write or telephone, making definite plans to meet, as this is a time when tribes would get together before the long winter. Try to take an impromptu weekend away to fill you with energy for the coming months,
  • Make a final effort to resolve an unfair official or neighbourhood dispute or a disagreement over an inheritance or property matter, if necessary by changing tactic or the person representing you.
  • If you are in love, make a commitment as this was the time when couples would pledge themselves for a year and a day. Alternatively if things are not working decide if you can make one last all out effort to salvage the relationship or if you want to use this cleansing time to move on at least in your own mind. Cast dying flowers into your festival bonfire and ask for renewal and afterwards pick any flowers growing or buy yourself a flowering plant to symbolise new love, maybe loving yourself for the first time.




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