Attracting Prosperity Correspondences


Below I have listed a few common correspondences associated with wealth, success and prosperity. You can use one, or a combination of the correspondences, to assist in attracting wealth and prosperity into your life. For example, you could do a wealth and prosperity/success meditation/visualization on a Sunday. You could burn a corresponding incense each morning before you start work. You could make yourself a herb charm containing corresponding herbs for wealth. You could carry 6 (the wealth number) tumbled citrines (known to attract abundance) in your pocket. I’ve included a simple candle magick working at the bottom of the list, as well as ways in which you can add more corresponding symbols into the spell.

However, the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of attracting prosperity is YOUR MINDSET!!! Remember to constantly visualize money flowing into your life in abundance, and give thanks to the Universe/Creator/Angels/*Insert your personal choice here*, for already supplying you with everything you need. Remind yourself that right now, in this very moment, ALL YOUR NEEDS ARE ALREADY MET. Have faith, and the Universe will respond, it is a fact!! The more you worry, the more you put out into the Universe that you LACK, the more the Universe will meet your request by providing you with more LACK!!! So put out that positive energy and STOP WORRYING.

Here are the correspondences:

Planet: The SUN represents power, magick, health, success, career, goals, ambition, personal finances, advancement, drama, fun, authority and law.

Day: The Sun’s day is SUNDAY, and is supposedly at its strongest during the times of 7am, 2pm and 9pm

Element: The Sun’s element is FIRE. FIRE is associated with masculine, active, South, Summer and noon. It represents passion, energy, impulse, enthusiasm, success, banishing, strength

Deity: Well known deities associated with the Sun include Apollo (Roman), Helios (Greek) and Ra (Egyptian). Adundancia is a wonderful prosperity Goddess to work with.

Tarot: Wands

Colour/s: Colours of the Sun – golds and yellows. Green is also associated with wealth.

Numerology: Number 6 (the Sun’s number) represents balance and harmony, and is the most productive of all numbers. It is referred to as the symbol of love, luck, beauty, chance, health and prosperity. It is seen as a support structure for the most in need of help. Six helps draw the materials that we are most attracted to. The number 6 is extremely nurturing.

Chinese Number:  (the number 8)  means sudden fortune, prosperity – & if you work with Chinese symbology, 888  (Three times the prosperity, means “wealthy wealthy wealthy”)

Metal: Gold is the obvious first answer! As a substitute, brass can be used as a cheaper substitute, and is also associated with the Sun and prosperity.

Incenses & Herbs: Tangerine (also associated with the Sun), Nutmeg, Vervain (good for almost everything), and Mandrake Root all attract money, Cinnamon also assists in drawing it to you faster, Tangerine (also associated with the Sun), Ginger (also good for power and success), Clover (wealth, success and adds luck)

Stones: Citrine never needs cleansing and is called the Merchant’s Stone. It assists in acquiring wealth, prosperity and success, and helps to maintain the state of wealth. Place in the farthest back left corner from the front door, and/or carry a small tumbled citrine in your wallet. Tiger’s Eye is used to stimulate wealth and to enhance the stability needed to maintain wealth. Keep it in your wallet.

Moon Phase: Best done on a full moon, when the power of the moon is at her greatest, to manifest our wishes


* Choose a Sunday to do your wealth attraction working.

* If you have an altar, you can decorate it in the colours and with the symbols listed above, whatever you like that you have available.

* A very easy candle magic spell: Place a Tiger’s Eye & a note or coin from your wallet next to a green or gold candle. Light the candle & spend some time watching the candle burn. Relax as you do so, & picture yourself happy, with all your financial needs met. See yourself able to afford everything you need, with room to spare. When you are done, allow the candle to burn out. Place the Tiger’s Eye in your wallet, & bury the remaining candle wax with the note or coin in your garden, or if not possible, bury at a crossroads.

You can make this working as complicated or as simple as you like – leave it as is, or add various correspondences and additional energy workings into the whole working, e.g.:

* When you light the candle, you can call on Goddess Abundantia & speak to her. Ask Her to bless you with financial security, allowing you to be carefree & filled with faith that your supply is already met in all ways, & to replace money worries with joy & gratitude. Again, spend some time thinking about the details. Thank her when you are done.

* You can sprinkle corresponding herb/s over the flame as it burns.

*  You can have corresponding incense burning during your meditation.

* You can “dress” the candle before you light it. This means to rub corresponding oil/s on the candle, and using a sharp implement (like your ritual knife, or simply a toothpick) inscribing the candle with various symbols relating the wealth, prosperity and you. You can use runes, your star sign, your sigil if you have one, symbols to represent the sun and any deities you may choose to work with, whatever you please. During the dressing, focus your mind on the intended outcome as this adds a lot of energy to the candle and the working as a whole. Just before you are finished, hold it in your hands and visualize it filled with brilliant, blinding white light.

* You should ideally start by cleansing the candle and all tools and ingredients of the working (which can be done by smudging them) and consecrating them with the four elements (passing them through an incense stick for air, above a candle flame for fire, sprinkle with a few drops of purified water for water, and sprinkling with a few drops of salt for earth).

* And before any energy working, you should first cleanse and purify yourself. This can be done by making yourself a ritual bath with candles (add oils or petals to the bath if you like), and at the end of the bath, rubbing yourself down with salt, before pulling out the plug and letting the water drain away. If you don’t have the time, or for whatever reason can’t do this, you can just smudge yourself and mentally visualize yourself being cleansed.

* At the end of the working, know that IT IS DONE. Stop worrying about money, debt, and bills, and know that wealth and prosperity are at this very moment flowing back into your life. Your needs are already met. Blessed be!


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