Improve Relationship Spell

A Working to Improve a Romantic Relationship

To be done when full moon in Cancer (see Moon Magick for table). Nice to do together.

Rose quartz
Wooden box
Rose incense
Paper and pen
Pink candle
Rose oil

Engrave candles with:
Appropriate runes (e.g. Kenaz: vision, relevation, knowledge, creativity, inspiration, fire of transformation, regeneration, create your own reality, the power of light, open to new strengths, energy, passion, sexual love, Gebo: gifts, both in the sense of sacrifice & of generosity, indicating balance, partnerships)
Couple’s star signs
Name sigils

Start spell at 9pm, finish 10pm
Set up a circle of rose quartz, amethyst and kyanite
Engrave the candles and anoint with rose oil, then consecrate with the four elements
Place candle in holder with vervain at base
Call upon Venus and Jupiter
State intent by writing on paper (what you want for your relationship)
(We did: clear communication, understanding, passion, positive energy, soul connection, fulfilment, joy)
Place paper and rose quartz in box, and close the box
Light the candle
Repeat intent
Thanks to the deities
So mote it be!

Keep box in bedroom and never open it, unless to refresh the box with herbs together.
Bury candlewax with the vervain and a tumbled rose quartz as a thanksgiving offering.


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