Kitchen Witch Spell to Attract True Love

Kitchen Witch Spell to Attract True Love

Rose quarts
Rose geranium oil
Lemongrass oil or pinch of lemongrass (fresh or dried)
Half an apple
Rose bush
Pink ribbon
Rose incense
Paper and pen

Plant the rose bush in a special spot in the garden or in a pot. Look after it!

On Friday night, run a bath and add 7 drops of rose geranium oil and 1 teaspoon of lemongrass. Place the rose quartz next to you. Think about all the qualities you’d like in a perfect partner, things you could do together, etc. Repeat the bath every night until Thursday.

On Thursday night, after your bath, take the piece of paper and write down the characteristics you’d like to find in your ideal partner. Wrap the paper around the quartz and tie with the pink ribbon.

At midnight, go to the rose bush, light the incense, dig a hole next to the bush and place the quarts bundle in it. Say the incantation:
“Oh Mother Earth, I give thee the person I wish to attract. May only beauty and goodness be seen in me by the person you hold deep within.”
Close the hole.

The next night (Friday) at midnight, take the bundle out of the ground and keep it with you. Peel 3 apples, keep the peels aside and bury the fruit.

Keep the quartz bundle with you at all times. Dry out the apple peels (not in direct sun) and keep them in a bowl behind the front door.

When you find your true love, bury the peels with the quartz as a thanksgiving offering to Mother Earth. It is done.

* I made a dreamcatcher from willow, corresponding string colours, crystals and herbs, and dove feathers for the person to hang above his bed, which I gave to him with the spell.

* NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT that the person who performs this working does NOT have a particular person in mind (i.e. some-one that they know and have feelings for).
DO NOT perform this working if you are trying to attract a specific person.


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