Herbal Tea Recipes for Flu’s & Colds

I’ve been fighting off a mean flu virus and thought I’d share my tea recipe, and a few alternatives. It’s so easy to make, soothes your sore throat as you sip on it, and is a natural, ‘kitchen-witch’ way to fight the sniffles:

You need:
1 Heaped teaspoon of dried *nettles (very high in Vit C, healing)
1 Heaped teaspoon of dried *coltsfoot (clears plegm)
1 Slice of raw ginger (a chunk around the size of your thumb nail, peel it)
1 Organic rooibos teabag (high in Vit C, minerals & anti-oxidants)
2 teaspoons of raw honey & a slice of lemon (refreshing, lifts the spirits, helps lift that “heavy” flu feeling) to serve

– Boil the kettle
– Put all the ingredients except the lemon & honey in a tea pot or similar
– Add the boiling water and allow to brew for around 10 minutes (don’t leave it too much longer or the coltsfoot loses potency)

– Pour through an old-fashioned tea strainer (I still see them at a lot of chinese shops, they’re pretty easy to find if you don’t have one yet) into a mug
– Add honey and lemon, and sip đŸ™‚

I make a teapot, and decant into a thermos with the lemon and honey to sip on for the whole morning.

* Cinnamon, orange and ginger make a great warming tea if the flu has given you the chills and you’re feeling very achy
* Chamomile is very calming, will help you sleep (although some do say not to drink it at night because it gives you nightmares – hmmm…), and helps with coughs, bronchitis and colds.
* Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant & are one of the best plant sources of Vit C, and gives your whole immune system a boost.
* If you want to “nip it in the bud”, then make the tea at night, with added Cayene pepper, cinnamon, and extra ginger to bring on a sweat while you sleep and get it out of your system.

*Earth DNA stocks a range of magickal healing herbs in convenient small packages for affordability and freshness – and ‘Witchitea Brews’ range coming soon!!*

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