FIREFLY: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings


Keywords: Inspiration

Oracle: Trust in your inner rhythm as new inspiration blossoms within you. Faith in yourself is critical to your success.

Firefly’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to find light in the darkness
  • Use of light for communication
  • Ability to communicate with Colour

In Apache folklore, the Firefly is responsible for the origin of fire. In Japan, they believed that the lights of fireflies represented the souls of the dead, and in some areas, specifically the souls of dead heroes. Among the Montagnards of Vietnam, fireflies have traditionally been considered the spirits of departed heroes. In China, fireflies are the companions of impoverished scholars engaged in nocturnal study. Because they provide moments of illumination, short poems written on fans or pieces of silk have been known as fireflies. In the Fillipines, there is a story about a young man who saw a beautiful young maiden one day in the forest. He chased and chased but could not catch her. Finally, he fell asleep on the forest floor. When he awoke, he discovered he had been transformed into an insect. The young woman, who was a fairy, told him that he would be cursed to remain so until he finds a maiden who could exceed her in beauty. To this day, the enchanted young man continues his search, carrying a flickering light at night to help him in his quest.

Japanese Fogg Art Museum Catching Firefly


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