LADYBIRD: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings


In European folklore, a Ladybird landing on your skin would bring you great luck.

Keywords: Strong family ties. Can use energies of renewal. Spiritual idealist. Keen instincts. Wish fulfilled.

Oracle: A wish will soon come true! Don’t try force or push too hard, doing so will only make it take longer. Allow your efforts to unfold and manifest with divine timing.




The Ladyird was sacred to the Norse Goddess of Love, Freya - also a virgin mother

An ancient Norse belief says that the ladybug first came to earth by lightning and was connected to the goddess of love and beauty. The ladybug was associated with the Norse Goddess Freya, also a virgin mother. In German, the name “Marienkafer” , and in Scandinavia, the name “Nyckelpiga”, both relate back to “Goddess”.

In shamanism, Ladybug is associated with spirituality and religious devotion. Its life is short and it teaches to let go of worries and fears, to trust the great spirit and enjoy life. It is thought to be connected with the powers of renewal and regeneration. The Ladybug’s appearance brings joy and changes and is a message to have faith in the greater powers.

European folklore said that if one landed on your clothing you would soon get married, and if it landed on your skin or hair you will have good luck. It was also thought to be a fairy’s pet and one could make three wishes when it was seen.

More recently, Ladybugs became associated with the Virgin Mary, the red being symbolic of her mantle or robes, and the  seven black dots symbolizing the 7 Joys / 7 Sorrows. A popular legend recalls that during the middle ages when invasive insects were destroying food crops, the farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary and were blessed with thousands of ladybirds who quickly ate the pests and saved the harvest. From then on, the ladybird was known as ‘Our Lady’s Beetle’, which evolved through ladybeetle, ladybug and finally to the presently known ladybird. This religious connection is also found in the ladybirds’ names around the world.

The Virgin Mary, pictured here in red, was associated with the Ladybird


6 thoughts on “LADYBIRD: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings

  1. One landed on my foot yesterday and I felt a slight bite (got my attention). I was busy sorting through junk pile to get poles for my seedling nursery which is my wish finally coming true by getting it sorted and built. Good one xxx

  2. Interesting article… I’ve been trying to find out what they mean as the last few days have been a bit strange 🙂 I had a dream about some, the next day I saw one in the shower in the second floor bathroom nowhere near a window. The day after I was thinking about what it could all mean and my eyes drifted to my mums ironing board cover which had a ladybug pattern on (which i didn’t know) and that afternoon i looked up and saw it was printed on a candle holder (which again i didn’t know about) I think things are going to be ok!!

  3. My sister and I visited my mothers grave yesterday 9th October 2014 who passed away suddenly on 1st September 2014 who was as beautiful inside as she was outside and is missed beyond words, as we were chatting to mum we noticed a ladybird on the temporary Memorial cross that is in situ till the headstone is ready, it was noticed and that was that but as we continued to talk to mum three more appeared around the same area but what we both felt was truly amazing we both smiled at each other after relentless crying for over a month now and took this as a message from mum to her four children “It’s time for new begginings and that she will always be with us’

    I love you mum you will always be in my heart

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