MOSQUITO: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings


Keywords: Self worth

Oracle: Shield yourself from attacks on your self esteem and value. You may find that irritations and unresolved issues are being aggravated. Go inward and focus on personal joys.

Mosquito’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Using water to transform
  • Drawing energy inside one self
  • Controlling energy flow in one direction

Mosquitoes have been with us since before there were people, if you go by the fossil record. In the Mayan mythology, the mosquitoes were considered spies. By sucking blood from various masters they could memorize their names and discern which ones were real men and which ones were dummies. The Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest, on their part, explain that the mosquitoes were created from the ashes of a cannibal who was incinerated by the youngest of 5 brothers avenging the assassination of his family. The Iroquois Indian legend of the mosquito spoke of two giant creatures as tall as pine trees, who attacked and ate humans whole. Eventually, an army of braves surrounded and managed to kill them. However, as their blood spilt to the ground, so swarms of tiny mosquitoes rose up and populated the earth, continuing to take their revenge to this day. A Candadian Tsimshian myth about the origin of mosquitoes is fairly similar, speaking of a village of human sized mosquitoes who pretended to be human. A travelling group far from home came across the village as it was getting dark one night, and were invited to stay. They realized their error and tried to escape, sending snow avalanches down onto the chasing mosquito villagers, killing all but the mosquito chief. The chief reached them and killed them all bar one brave young mother. She lured the chief to a lake and succeeded in cutting out his heart, which she used to restore the life of her lost fellow travellers. When they later burnt the heart, the ashes that rose into the sky transformed into thousands of tiny little mosquitoes, which spread into the world. The Japanese believe that mosquitoes are reincarnations of the dead – those who lived a life of sin. Their punishment is to be a worthless plague on humanity despised by all and eventually swatted.

Mosquito Mask, Coast Tsimshian, British Columbia, Before 1925


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