BEE-EATER: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings


Bee Eater’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Ability to see auras
  • Use of colour in healing
  • Capture of moving objects
  • Ability to dig to find answers
  • Healing energy (immune to bee stings)

In Greek mythology, Botres was the son of Eumelus, who was a devoted worshiper of Apollo and honoured him through generous offerings. On one occasion while Eumelus was sacrificing a bull to Apollo, Botres (who was helping at the time), tasted the ram’s brain before the ritual was complete. Enraged, Eumelus hit Botres over the head with a brand. When it became clear that the wound was fatal and that Botres was dying, Eumelus, his wife and servants were overcome with sorrow. Apollo took pity on Eumelus as a stout devotee, and changed Bortres into a bird called “Aerpus” (bee-eater) to preserve his life.

The Greek god Apollo turned Botres, the son of a devotee Eumelus, into a Bee-eater to save him from a fatal injury inflicted in wrath by his father


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