Four Steps To WAKING UP!

Every day we’re being flooded by new information, showing us that the “comfortable modern world” we grew up in is not quite what it seemed at all. Things are changing, and maybe you’re wondering how exactly you, on your own, can make a difference. The truth is, it’s really, really easy to start! Here are four easy avenues where you can start making the change today.


– Stop buying GM (genetically modified) food. To pick on one currently hot topic: Monsato. If you haven’t seen the lab results conducted on rats (awful, I know) fed on Monsato’s GM corn, they’re published and available for public reading. Monsato is the biggest corn producer in the world. America is currently the leading producer of corn – made up of 5 major suppliers, all of whom are Monsato growers. And corn, by the by, is not just a food sold on on its own. Corn has somehow ended up in almost everything…soft drinks, meat, marg, you name it.We’re talking serious health problems – the most scary of all: brain shrinkage. I’m not kidding – a marked reduction in brain size!  This is apart from various organ damage. What was that “ridiculous” conspiracy theory about how the ‘powers that be’ are trying to dumb down the masses? *ahem*

– As a general guide, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Try to avoid products loaded with the scary lab grown preservatives, flavourants and colourants. “Foods” (using the term ever so loosely here) loaded with artificial additives are not good for you! Take a look at the ingredients labels next time you’re in the grocery store. Be prepared though. The first time I did this, I ended up taking 3 hours to try do a quick shop and was so frustrated I was ready to cry! It’s a horrible awakening to what we’ve been blindly putting into our bodies.

Look for organic. Look for free range meat and eggs. Support your local farmers market. There are SO many products flooding into the market now, it’s easy to start buying more consciously, and not nearly as expensive as it used to be even 2 years ago – even the local Checkers and Pick ‘n Pay both generally have a good range. Just make sure that the product that boldly claims to be natural/organic/free range is certified. You’ll find you actually eat less – because the food you’re putting into your body is real and whole. You’re also not confusing your brain with added chemicals that tell it what you’re eating tastes nice no matter what it is (which is the sole purpose of ‘lovely’ additives like MSG), you’re tasting real yummy stuff. You’ll find your stomach more easily registers when it’s full, and is better able to process what you’ve put in it, meaning you have to consume less to get what you really need to function healthily.

– Start learning about natural health alternatives, adding beneficial fresh herbs and spices into your meals. Rosemary can cure a cough. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Chilli has more vitamin C than an orange. Herbal teas are a great way to treat various common ailments. Drink more water. Stop going to the doctor every time you get sick and start treating yourself and your family naturally. Don’t take antibiotics unless you’re really, really ill – try natural alternatives first! Natural DOES work, it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s self empowering.


Get educated. Spread awareness. Stop turning a blind eye to what’s going on. Log onto real, trustworthy, honest sites – I’m not suggesting you flood yourself with millions of scary doomsday pronouncements. Check out the likes of Wikileaks, Avaaz and Occupy Movement for starters. See for yourself.





We’ve been living in a culture of waste and limited usage. It’s disgusting. In 2010, Sex and the City 2 grossed over 200 million dollars, while countless human beings died of starvation. The US spends billions and billions of dollars every year on warfare, yet next to nothing on education and health. You CAN make a difference just by making a few changes to how you view your own world….

– Recycle. Come on, it’s not that hard. All it takes are two or three neat dustbins next to each other with labels. Make your own compost heap for the garden by collecting your own veg peelings and the like. Get a worm farm. Or put up a bird feeder in your garden and toss your old fruit and stale bread on it. Find out where your local recycling depo is, and make a weekly trip to drop off your separated bags of glass, paper, etc.

– Look into a grey water system. They’re inexpensive and really easy to set up. It’ll save you money and save the planet some water.

– Start a little herb or veg garden. It can even be in pots! Fresh, home grown – nothing like it.

– Save electricity where you can. Switch off, unplug – you know the drill. Use lower wattage bulbs. Turn your geyser off when you’re not at home. Better yet – look into a solar or gas geyser. Switch off the TV and take a walk in nature. Have a weekly board game evening. Have a candlelight dinner evening.

– Look around you – look at your usage and your waste. Where can you cut down? Where can you recycle? What’s essential? What are the alternatives? Start thinking! There are SO many awesome ideas out there!


Stop telling yourself you just don’t have the time. Honestly, you know in your heart that you could make time to meditate for 10 minutes a day. So start doing it! Meditation means quietening the mind to outside distractions, as well as the little voice in your head that keeps up that constant unhelpful dialogue. Mediation is the first and most important step to tapping into your truth. Once you get that connection going, you’ll find balance becomes easier, things will start to flow more, and your natural internal “knowing” will start coming to the fore. Make the time. Start today.

With love and light, I hope you dance XXX


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