All About Crystals


“All crystalline structures are formed of mathematically precise and orderly three-dimensional arrangements of atoms. This is the crystal lattice, which confers a high level of stability. It also gives Crystals their unique colours, hardness and physical, geometrical and energetic properties. Gemstones and Crystals have an amazing capacity to absorb, reflect and radiate light in the form of intelligent fields of stable energy that increase the flow of vital life-force within the human physical and subtle anatomy. By applying this stable energy or Crystal resonance in a coherent, focused way to dysfunctional energy systems, they holistically restore stability and balance. This results in the releasing of dis-ease bringing about restructuring and alignment” – Hazel Raven



Crystals are amazing. For thousands of years, through hundreds of civilizations, they have been used to protect, adorn, decorate and heal. Nowadays however as a culture we are a lot more skeptical about anything we cannot see with our naked eye.

If you are new to the beautiful and awe-invoking world of Crystals, please read “How Crystals Work”. This article will help give you a better understanding of how Crystals work with energy and how you can best utilize this amazing gift. Crystals can help you in ALL areas of life – there is a crystal for every-one and everything! Place Rose Quartz in your bedroom for a more loving relationship, Citrine in the money corner of your home to attract wealth, Fluorite next to your computer at work to help you focus and draw off “electromagnetic smog” (unhealthy emissions from electrical appliances that interfere with our bodies natural rhythms’) and Amethyst next to your bath to help you rebalance, relax and centre yourself in a more positive mind frame. Want to attract a soulmate into your life? A Twin Flame is for you. Lacking in creativity for that big project? Put a piece of Andradite Garnet next to you. Have you been affected by crime? Black Tourmaline will protect you and help you feel safer… Crystals uses and applications are endless! See “Crystal Metaphysical Properties” and “Crystal Shapes Complete Correspondence Chart” to learn more about individual crystal properties and how you can work with them.


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