Crystals Cleansing and Programming


Crystals work very hard. They are constantly transmitting, absorbing and diffusing energy. When you buy a Crystal, it is very important that you cleanse it right away. This is to clear away all of the negative energy that the Crystal has absorbed and also to clear any “emotional residue” it may be holding – your Crystal has been handled and touched by many people before it reached you. Cleansing the Crystal also recharges and re-energises it. You need to cleanse your Crystal regularly to keep it functioning at its highest level.

There are however some Crystals that are “self cleansing” – they never need to be cleansed by you, like Citrine, but the cleansing rituals are still a nice way to get back in touch with your Crystal. There are many methods of cleansing Crystals, and it is up to you to find the one that you and your Crystal are most comfortable with. Also, be sure to check whether your Crystal is sensitive to any of the methods first – some Crystals can be damaged by water, some can be damaged by too much direct sunlight, etc. I like to mix and match methods depending on what is available to me at the time. Don’t be shy to experiment – just make sure that whichever method you try is safe for your particular Crystal.


1. Cleansing with Water

Hold your Crystal under running water for a few minutes. As you do so, imagine a beautiful waterfall cascading, waves of a tropical beach lapping, or rain drops splashing over your Crystal. See in your mind’s eye all the negative energy wash out of the Crystal, and feel the Crystal become re-energised and purified. I often take out my Crystals during a rainstorm, amidst much laughter and wetness, and leave them on the ground while the rain pours down on them. Note: Halite, Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite and Turquoise are some of the crystals not suitable for this method as they are sensitive to water!

2. Clearing Crystals and Crystal Clusters

Some Crystals are able to clear negative energy from other Crystals. Clear Quartz that has been programmed for this purpose is a good option. Place the Crystal to be cleansed on the Clear Quartz you have programmed and leave it there for about a day. An Amethyst “bed” (a cluster of points on a flat rock base) can cleanse several Crystals placed on it at the same time. If you have a collection of tumbled stones, try keeping a tumbled Citrine with them. To use this method be sure to programme the cleansing Crystal first, and when you place the Crystals to be cleansed, see in your mind’s eye the cleansing Crystal at work.

3. Earth Burial

The earth’s natural magnetic quality can also draw off negativity from Crystals. This method returns the Crystal to where it came from – the earth, its natural home; and works well for earthy Crystals like Jasper. Obviously, delicate clusters and such are not suitable for this method as you may have trouble cleaning them afterwards without damaging them. As you bury the Crystal, see in your mind’s eye the Crystal being rejuvenated by the earth. Leave the crystal buried for about a day and a night.

4. Resonating Sound

The vibrations of pure sound can cleanse Crystals. Using a bell that you love, gently ring the bell over your Crystal and see in your mind’s eye the pure, resonating sounds passing through the Crystal and cleansing it. You can also use this method to cleanse several Crystals at once, but try to pay attention to each Crystal in turn before you finish.

5. Smudging

Burn a “Smudge Stick” (a wedge of dried herbs) or an incense stick over your Crystal, waving the smoke over and through it. Again, this method works well for many Crystals. I like to play soothing music while I do this cleansing ritual.

6. Sunlight and Moonlight

Put your Crystal outside on the grass on a bright sunshine-filled day, and/or leave it out at night on a full moon. Sunlight can damage certain Crystals so check beforehand – but there a few Crystals that absolutely relish a day in the sun, like a Golden Healer. As a Cancerian, I’ve always been attracted to the magical allure of a full moon and this method is safe for all Crystals. Remember to picture in your mind’s eye the Crystal filling with positive energy.


We can use Crystals to heal all of the major issues that have been discussed affecting our daily lives – from broad problems like absorbing electromagnetic smog to specific issues like improving our memories! But in order for a Crystal to work for us, we need to PROGRAMME it. This is the process whereby we ask the crystal to do the function we have in mind. Specify exactly what it is you want the Crystal to do for you. Programming is simple and any-one can do it – in fact, you MUST do it whenever you buy a new Crystal! Quieten your mind, hold the Crystal in you hand, and dedicate it to the highest good, then state specifically and clearly what you want the Crystal to do for you.

For example: I dedicate this Rose Quartz to the highest good; to bringing love into my environment and into my heart.


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