Four Steps To WAKING UP!

Every day we’re being flooded by new information, showing us that the “comfortable modern world” we grew up in is not quite what it seemed at all. Things are changing, and maybe you’re wondering how exactly you, on your own, can make a difference. The truth is, it’s really, really easy to start! Here are four easy avenues where you can start making the change today.


– Stop buying GM (genetically modified) food. To pick on one currently hot topic: Monsato. If you haven’t seen the lab results conducted on rats (awful, I know) fed on Monsato’s GM corn, they’re published and available for public reading. Monsato is the biggest corn producer in the world. America is currently the leading producer of corn – made up of 5 major suppliers, all of whom are Monsato growers. And corn, by the by, is not just a food sold on on its own. Corn has somehow ended up in almost everything…soft drinks, meat, marg, you name it.We’re talking serious health problems – the most scary of all: brain shrinkage. I’m not kidding – a marked reduction in brain size!  This is apart from various organ damage. What was that “ridiculous” conspiracy theory about how the ‘powers that be’ are trying to dumb down the masses? *ahem*

– As a general guide, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. Try to avoid products loaded with the scary lab grown preservatives, flavourants and colourants. “Foods” (using the term ever so loosely here) loaded with artificial additives are not good for you! Take a look at the ingredients labels next time you’re in the grocery store. Be prepared though. The first time I did this, I ended up taking 3 hours to try do a quick shop and was so frustrated I was ready to cry! It’s a horrible awakening to what we’ve been blindly putting into our bodies.

Look for organic. Look for free range meat and eggs. Support your local farmers market. There are SO many products flooding into the market now, it’s easy to start buying more consciously, and not nearly as expensive as it used to be even 2 years ago – even the local Checkers and Pick ‘n Pay both generally have a good range. Just make sure that the product that boldly claims to be natural/organic/free range is certified. You’ll find you actually eat less – because the food you’re putting into your body is real and whole. You’re also not confusing your brain with added chemicals that tell it what you’re eating tastes nice no matter what it is (which is the sole purpose of ‘lovely’ additives like MSG), you’re tasting real yummy stuff. You’ll find your stomach more easily registers when it’s full, and is better able to process what you’ve put in it, meaning you have to consume less to get what you really need to function healthily.

– Start learning about natural health alternatives, adding beneficial fresh herbs and spices into your meals. Rosemary can cure a cough. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Chilli has more vitamin C than an orange. Herbal teas are a great way to treat various common ailments. Drink more water. Stop going to the doctor every time you get sick and start treating yourself and your family naturally. Don’t take antibiotics unless you’re really, really ill – try natural alternatives first! Natural DOES work, it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s self empowering.


Get educated. Spread awareness. Stop turning a blind eye to what’s going on. Log onto real, trustworthy, honest sites – I’m not suggesting you flood yourself with millions of scary doomsday pronouncements. Check out the likes of Wikileaks, Avaaz and Occupy Movement for starters. See for yourself.





We’ve been living in a culture of waste and limited usage. It’s disgusting. In 2010, Sex and the City 2 grossed over 200 million dollars, while countless human beings died of starvation. The US spends billions and billions of dollars every year on warfare, yet next to nothing on education and health. You CAN make a difference just by making a few changes to how you view your own world….

– Recycle. Come on, it’s not that hard. All it takes are two or three neat dustbins next to each other with labels. Make your own compost heap for the garden by collecting your own veg peelings and the like. Get a worm farm. Or put up a bird feeder in your garden and toss your old fruit and stale bread on it. Find out where your local recycling depo is, and make a weekly trip to drop off your separated bags of glass, paper, etc.

– Look into a grey water system. They’re inexpensive and really easy to set up. It’ll save you money and save the planet some water.

– Start a little herb or veg garden. It can even be in pots! Fresh, home grown – nothing like it.

– Save electricity where you can. Switch off, unplug – you know the drill. Use lower wattage bulbs. Turn your geyser off when you’re not at home. Better yet – look into a solar or gas geyser. Switch off the TV and take a walk in nature. Have a weekly board game evening. Have a candlelight dinner evening.

– Look around you – look at your usage and your waste. Where can you cut down? Where can you recycle? What’s essential? What are the alternatives? Start thinking! There are SO many awesome ideas out there!


Stop telling yourself you just don’t have the time. Honestly, you know in your heart that you could make time to meditate for 10 minutes a day. So start doing it! Meditation means quietening the mind to outside distractions, as well as the little voice in your head that keeps up that constant unhelpful dialogue. Mediation is the first and most important step to tapping into your truth. Once you get that connection going, you’ll find balance becomes easier, things will start to flow more, and your natural internal “knowing” will start coming to the fore. Make the time. Start today.

With love and light, I hope you dance XXX


Creating a Sacred Space

Creating Your Own Personal Sacred Space…

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What is a Sacred Space?
A Sacred Space is a sanctuary for your soul. It’s a place you can step into to be safe – perfectly yours, dedicated to your Higher Self. In your Sacred Space, you can simply relax and recharge yourself – “time out”. You can also use your Space to do energy work – contacting your guides, receiving wisdom, sending and receiving healing energy, manifestations, meditation, etc.

Where Should I Set Up My Sacred Space?
Your Sacred Space can be anything and anywhere at all – the point is to reflect YOU, your Higher Self – that part of yourself connected to the Divine in totality. It should be a space that is free of interruptions and distractions, a space that is tranquil, peaceful, beautiful and safe. Some people choose a whole room, others simply allocate a small corner of a room. Yet others choose an outdoors space, or even a “portable space” (their sacred items placed in a box that can travel with them and be set up anywhere). Some people choose to create a mental Sacred Space by building their perfect space in their mind using visualization, and returning there whenever they need to, via meditation. When choosing your Sacred Space, try to avoid being too close to any electrical appliances (TV, radio, computer etc) as they emit harmful energy called “electromagnetic smog” that will be counter-productive. You want a place that you will be least likely to be interrupted or distracted – by family members, pets, noise from the TV or radio, ringing phones, doorbells and suchlike.

How Do I Prepare My Sacred Space?
1. Cleanse: Once you have chosen your space, you need to first cleanse it of all unwanted and stagnant residual energy. It’s a good idea to repeat this ritual every time you use your space. Smudging is an easy and effective way to do this. Simply light a smudge or incense stick, and wave it throughout the space. Hold in your mind the intention to cleanse the space of unwanted energy. Make sure all available doors and windows are open whilst you do this. Visualize the space filling with beautiful, pure white light during this process. You could also use a small bowl of salt water which you charge (visualize pure white light filling the water, state your intention clearly while holding the bowl) and then sprinkle around the space. Make a habit of cleansing yourself too before you enter the space! Visualize a waterfall of pure white light cascading down over you, and state something along the lines of: “I release all harmful and unwanted energy back into the Universe, to be transformed for better use elsewhere”. Picture bits of dark / black energy or smudges of dirt washing off you and funneling down a drain below your feet.

2. Protect: You want to seal in the positive, clean energy and keep out unwanted energy. You can do this by sprinkling salt around the border of your space, and/or using crystals around the border. How many crystals you use is up to you – you can have one in each corner, or completely surround the border. Clear Quartz works well for this, which you can choose to combine with tourmaline for added protection and selenite to boost the grid’s energy.

3. Set Up an Altar: You can either use a small table, or a cloth on the ground, to set up a little altar. On your altar you can place your  chosen items that represent your connection with Spirit / God & Goddess / Creator. If you like, you can also represent the elements. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, use a bowl of earth/salt/crystals in the South for Earth, a feather or incense stick in the East for Air, a candle in the North for Fire and a bowl of water in the West for Water (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you need to swap North and South – North represents Earth and South represents Fire). Another way to represent the elements would be to use pictures or crystals.


The Elements and Directions – Symbolism

What Should I Put In My Sacred Space?
Begin by selecting whatever tools you like to use for energy work and meditation. The idea is to create a space that reflects your spiritual self, so choose items that mean something to you personally or that resonate with you. Try not to over-clutter the space, keep it simple and clean. Include a pen and paper to record any thoughts, ideas, intuitions or messages that come through to you. A nice idea is to choose items that relate to each of your physical senses, in order to assist in zoning in every part of you:
* Sight – Crystals, pictures (e.g. totem animal / nature / abstract work / mandala), a plant, candles (great for meditation), statues or ornaments (e.g. faeries / God & Goddess representations / Buddha / angels)
* Scent – Scented candles, aromatherapy oils in an oil burner, incense sticks. Choose fragrances that are not too heavy and distracting, rather go for a light, gentle scent for general work and meditation. You may wish to have a selection of scents for various occasions / energy work.
* Sound – You may wish to have a little CD player or MP3 player in your space, with relaxing, meditative music to play softly in the background. Other ideas are wind chimes, singing bowls, a drum or other rhythmic musical instrument, a water feature for the sound of running water.
* Texture – You can bring in texture through fabrics (a velvet cloth on the table, a cushion, a silk robe you don, removing your shoes and feeling the ground beneath you), a mini  tabletop zen garden, prayer beads, a healing wand
* Taste – A small bowl of salt which you can take a pinch of as part of your opening cleansing ritual, a herbal tea or crystal elixir to sip, small biscuits to munch as a closing grounding ritual

Enjoy your Sacred Space!


BLACKBIRD, CROW & RAVEN: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings

The Blackbird, Crow & Raven are closely interlinked and deeply interwoven in the myth and lore of the world. These birds have been seen and depicted as involved with powerful forces for both/either (depending on which story you read) good and bad in almost every major culture recorded.


Keywords: Protect what’s yours

Oracle: Good omen. You are supported by the Animal Kingdom, and they are lending you their energy. Define your boundaries and claim your territory.

Blackbird’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Connection to the water plant kingdom
  • Doing trance work
  • Use of camouflage in protection of family
  • Ability to sway with the winds of change

Blackbird – Red Winged Oracle: You’re about to become privy to some hidden information that will put everything in a new light. Surprises and new understanding are on their way.


Keywords: Justice, shape shifting, change, creativity, spiritual strength, energy, community sharing, balance, magickal help

Oracle: Unexpected help with problems and obstacles is on its way. Your magick is calling, and it will be answered.

Crow/Rook’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Guardian of the place before existence
  • Ability to move in space and time
  • Honouring ancestors
  • Ethics and Ethical behaviour
  • Carrier of souls from darkness into light
  • Working without fear in darkness
  • Guidance while working in shadow
  • Moves freely in the void
  • Understands all things related to ethics
  • Shape-shifter


Keywords: Destroy/rebuild, explorer of the unknown, mysterious, introspection, courage, self-knowledge, magic, shape-shifting

Oracle: Things are shape-shifting around you. There is an awakening of magick. Give it new expression and life will change for the better.

Raven’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Rebirth without fear
  • Ability to tear down what needs to be rebuilt
  • Renewal
  • Ability to find light in darkness
  • Courage of self-reflection
  • Introspection
  • Comfort with self
  • Honouring ancestors
  • Connection to the Crone
  • Divination
  • Change in consciousness
  • New occurrences
  • Eloquence

Ravens are common characters found all over the world, most prominently in the traditional North American, Siberian, Norse and Celtic mythology. They have been known as tricksters, cultural hero figures, and even the creator of human beings in various narratives…

The Cherokee call Crow Medicine “koga nvwato”. The power to shape-shift means they can be in two places at one time.

In the Puget Sound region, Raven lived in the land of spirits (literally “bird land”) that existed before the world of humans. One day, the Raven became so bored of spirit world that he flew away, carrying a stone in his beak. When Raven became tired of carrying the stone, he dropped it, and it fell into the ocean where it grew to form the first land that people now live upon.

A Haida myth speaks of Raven discovering the first human men in a clam shell, and upon freeing them (and growing bored with them), proceeded to look for and find female counterparts, trapped in a chiton. He is said to have been very entertained at the meeting and interacting of men and women. Many Haida myths and legends often suggest the Raven to be a provider to mankind.

An ancient story told on the Queen Charlotte Islands tells how Raven helped to bring the Sun, Moon, Stars, Fresh Water and Fire to the world. During this quest, Raven’s white feathers were blackened, and they never grew white again.

In one common North American story, Raven plays a vain and regretful Chief in a moral tale similar to that of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

Another legend from the native peoples of the Pacific Northwest tells of how at the beginning of the world, Raven was the one who brought light to the darkness. Great Spirit stored all things in separate cedar boxes, and gifted these boxes to the animals who existed before humans. As the animals opened the boxes, so all the things that comprise the world came into being – mountains, fire, water, wind, and seed for all the plants. Seagull was given a box containing the light of the world, but selfishly refused to open it. All the animals asked Raven to intervene, who subsequently begged, pleaded, bullied and cajoled Seagull to no effect. Finally, he stabbed Seagull in the foot with a thorn, deeper and deeper, until Seagull finally had to drop the box from the pain.

The Raven features equally prominently in Germanic mythology. Odin was often associated with ravens, specifically two ravens, Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) who served as his eyes and ears.

Druid legend says that the birds of Rhiannon are three blackbirds, which sit and sing in the World Tree of the Otherworlds. Their singing puts the listener in to a sleep or trance which enables her/him to go to the Otherworlds. It was said to impart mystic secrets.

In Irish mythology, ravens are associated with warfare and the figures Badb and Morrigan. The god Lugh, god of the sun, and creator of the arts and sciences, was closely associated with ravens, as his name is derived from a Celtic word for “raven” or “crow”.

Bran the Blessed, a giant in Welsh mythology, is considered to be closely associated with Lugh. According to folklore, England will fall if the ravens ever abandoned the Tower of London. The head of Bran the Blessed, according to the Welsh Triads, is buried underneath the Tower.

The Raven even manages to get an, albeit brief and gruesome, mention in the Quran, during a story of Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam, where the Raven teaches men how to bury dead bodies. {Surah 5:27-31}

In the Story of Bhusanda, from Hindu mythology, a very old sage in the form of a crow, Bhusanda, remembers a succession of epochs in the earth’s history, as described in Hindu cosmology. He survived several “destructions”, living on a wish-fulfilling tree on Mount Meru. In Hinduism, the Crow is considered to be an ancestor, and during Sraddha, the practice of offering food or pinda to crows is still practiced.

In Islam, Raven is punished for being one of three beings who copulated on Noah’s Art during the flood, and got punished as a result. In the Christian faith, Raven is mentioned in the Bible (Kinds 17:4-6), saving the prophet Elijah from starvation as he hid in the wilderness by feeding him.

In Closing:
Reading up on Raven, it was difficult to decide when to stop, as there is a proliferation of legends and stories stretching back hundreds of years. If this bird has captured your attention, please do some more research – you will be fascinated!







LADYBIRD: Animal Wisdom ~ Air Animal Totem Meanings


In European folklore, a Ladybird landing on your skin would bring you great luck.

Keywords: Strong family ties. Can use energies of renewal. Spiritual idealist. Keen instincts. Wish fulfilled.

Oracle: A wish will soon come true! Don’t try force or push too hard, doing so will only make it take longer. Allow your efforts to unfold and manifest with divine timing.




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