The Wheel of Life


“Once we told time by the phases of the Moon and the cycles of the Sun and the Earth. We watched for signs in the land and in the animals that told us when to sow and when to harvest, when to prepare for winter and when to open the doors to spring. Of necessity, we lived in harmony with nature.

For most of human history, the seasons of nature have been the essence of the sacred. Our bodies still respond to the cycles of the Earth, and to the shorter cycles of the Moon. We are born with a natural wisdom that we have forgotten how to tap, a wisdom bred into us in blood and bone.

The calendar of moons expressed the mysteries of the Earth’s sacred cycles through mythology and through the tasks which belonged to each season of the year, and to each season of a person’s life. The stories are old, but somewhere, deep within, we remember.”
Annette Hinshaw



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