Crystals Metaphysical Properties

Name Metaphysical Definition
Adventurine Aries. Positive stone of prosperity. Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Diffuses negative situations & turns them around. Reinforces leadership qualities & decisiveness. Promotes compassion & empathy, encourages perseverance. Soothes stammers. Stabilizes state of mind, stimulates perception, enhances creativity. Blue – powerful mental healer. Green – comforter & heart healer, harmonizer, dissolves negative emotions & thoughts.
Agate Gemini. Very stable, grounding stone, bringing about emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Centering and stabilizing physical energy. Harmonize yin & yan. Soothing & calming. Works slowly but with great strength. Layers of Agate can bring hidden information to light. Acceptance of yourself, builds self confidence, aids self-analysis. Improves concentration, perception & analytical abilities. Encourages you to speak your truth. Overcomes negativity of the heart.
Ajoite Virgo. Rare. Facilitates speaking what is in your heart. Provides for a peaceful emotional system and a joyful acceptance of your surroundings and circumstances. Brings peace within yourself regardless of your physical or mental location, stimulating understanding and total acceptance. Eliminates hostility, jealousy, prejudice – and all of the negative attributes you can imagine! Enhances creativity.
Amazonite Virgo. Powerful filter, blocks geopathic stress & electromagnetic smog. Filters information & combines it with intuition. Extremely soothing stone. Balances male/female energies in the personality. Helps you see both sides to problems and different points of view. Soothes emotional trauma, releases worry & fear. Dispels negative energy & aggression. Assists in manifesting universal love. Enhances loving communication.
Amber (Fossilized tree resin). Leo & Aquarius. Strong connections with the earth, grounding stone. Powerful healer & cleanser. Absorbs negative energy & turns into positive, forcing the body to heal itself. Powerful protector. Links every day self with higher spiritual reality. Brings stability while also helping you to achieve your dreams. Warm energy brings out your sunny, spontaneous disposition. Counteracts suicidal & depressive tendencies. Stimulates the intellect, clears depression, promotes a positive mental state. Brings balance & patience, encourages decision making.
Amblygonite Taurus. Calms and soothes. Useful for gridding classrooms and shopping centres, stabilizing energy and bringing energy equilibrium. Perfect for those in pursuit of music, poetry and all the arts. Helps you to recognise conflicting feelings and provides insight into resolving the duality. Helps in ending relationships.
Amethyst Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius & Capricorn. Extremely powerful & protective stone. Guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Natural tranquilizer, blocks negative environmental energy. Strong healing & cleansing powers. Enhances spiritual awareness. Overcomes addictions & overindulgences. Calms or stimulates the mind as appropriate. Helps you feel less scattered, more focused & in control. Helps insomnia. Setting realistic goals. Balances highs & lows.
Ametrine (Combination of Amethyst & Citrine). Libra. Fast & effective. Helps in long-term illness by bringing insight into the cause of the dis-ease. Clears stress & tension, calming the mind. Enhances compatibility & acceptance of others. Extremely energetic stone, stimulates creativity & supports taking control of your own life. Brings clarity, strengthens concentration & helps think things through. Gets to the bottom of things. Powerful cleanser. Heals Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Ammonite Aquarius. Eons old fossil. Stimulus to architects and those in construction. Provides insight to the basis from which to start and allows you to hold onto the “whole picture” from conception to use of an idea. Protective. Brings stability and structure to life. Transforms negativity into a smooth, flowing energy. Encourages survival instincts. Ammonite sometimes occurs with Pyrite, called Pyritized Ammonite, a much rarer form. This form combines the properties of Ammonite with the properties of Pyrite.
Andradite Garnet Aries. In addition to the generic properties of Garnet: Stabilizes enhances the male qualities, providing strength, stamina, courage, etc. Excellent conductor and can be used to align the magnetic fields in the body. Enhances the attractive aspects in relationships, attracting you to that which is not really wanted but bringing into your life that which is essential for your development.
Angel Hair (Rutilated Quartz) Effective integrator of energy at any level. Perfect balance of cosmic light, it is an illuminator for the soul, promoting spiritual growth. Cleanses & energizes the aura. Draws off negative energy. Connects to soul lessons & the plan for your life. Reaches the root of problems & facilitates transitions & a change of direction. Soothes dark moods, antidepressant. Relieves fears, phobias & anxieties, releasing constrictions & countering self-hatred. Promotes forgiveness at all levels. Opens the aura to allow healing.
Anhydrite Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. Gives support & strength. Teaches acceptance of all life has brought. Releases a longing for the past. Aids self expression. Develops stamina. Enhances understanding, supports clearing distractions from the mind.
Anyolite (Combination of Ruby in Ziosite). Aries. In addition to the properties of Ruby & Ziosite, this combination stone is also extremely helpful in soul healing. Promotes individuality while retaining interconnectedness with the rest of humanity. Powerfully amplifies the biomagnetic field around the body.
Apache Tear Aries. Form of Black Obsidian but much gentler. Still brings up negativity but slowly. Excellent for protecting the aura. Believed to shed tears in times of sorrow. Comforts grief, provides insight into the source of distress. Removes self-limitations & increases spontaneity. Native American women believed these were the tears shed by their dead warrior men killed in battle, washing up on the shores of the rivers.
Apatite Gemini. Inspirational. Increases motivation & builds up energy reserves. Brings out social ease & openness, dissolving alienation. Helps hyperactive & autistic children. Stimulating creativity & the intellect, clears confusion. Expands knowledge & truth, eases sorrow, apathy & anger. Reduces irritability, overcomes emotional exhaustion.
Apophyllite Libra & Gemini. Akashic Record. Room enhancer as powerful energy transmitter. Conscious connection between spiritual & physical. Enhances clear sight, stimulating intuition. Excellent for scrying. Promotes introspection, correcting perceived imbalances & flaws. Abandons pretence. Stone of truth, bringing recognition of one’s true self. Mentally calming, stress reducer. Overcomes anxiety, worries & fears, releases suppressed emotions.
Aquamarine Gemini, Pisces & Aries. Stone of courage. Reduces stress, quiets the mind. Harmonizes surroundings & protects against pollutants. Supports those who feel overwhelmed, breaking old self-defeating patterns. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect & clears up confusion. Closure. Interpreting how you really feel. Traditional talisman for protection in waters.
Aragonite Capricorn. Earth-healer & grounding, attuned to Earth Goddess. Useful in times of stress. Teaches patience & acceptance. Combats oversensitivity. Good for those who push themselves too hard. Concentration on the matter at hand. Insight into cause of problems & situations. Helps you feel comfortable & well in your own body. Restores balance.
Azurite Sagittarius. Guides psychic & intuitive development. Raises consciousness. Powerful healing stone. Brings clear understanding & new perspectives, expanding the mind. Releases long term blocks in communication & stimulates memory. Clears stress, worry, grief & sadness, allowing light into emotions. Rids you of fear & phobias, bringing understanding about why they were there. Calms nervousness. Helps with self expression.
Barite Aquarius. All forms of Barite bring you an incentive to pursue your dreams without restraint. Enhances friendship, harmony and love, and can provide insight into the “relationship connection”. Initiates independence and motivation, assisting you in attaining personal freedom from the requirements of others and yourself. Allows you to release trapped emotions and feelings, bringing calm and self-assurance after the removal of pain. Reduces shyness and helps you communicate new ideas and thoughts. Removes toxins from the body, stimulates vision and assists in the recovery from addictions. Soothes and smoothes the nervous system.
Beryl Brilliant for stressful lives & shedding unnecessary baggage. Guidance as to what you should be doing. Purity of being. Enhances courage, relieves stress, calms the mind. Filters out distractions. Dissolves overanalysis & anxiety. Golden – teaches initiative & independence, stimulates will to succeed, used in magic. Pink (Morganite) – attracts love & maintains it, enjoying life & living. Red – opens & energizes base chakra.
Black Tourmaline
Rods in Quartz
In addition to the generic properties of Tourmaline & Quartz: chunky rods of Tourmaline in Quartz – not strands as found in Tourmalinated Quartz. Excellent for neutralizing psychic attacks – and actual attacks. Strengthens the person on the receiving end & enhances your well-being. It can be used to guard against terrorist attack & to heal the effects of such attacks. This stone has the ability to go beyond dualities & to integrate the shadow into the whole personality.
Black Tourmaline
with Mica
In addition to the generic properties of Tourmaline & Mica: Returns ill-wishing to its source, so that the perpetrator learns from it. Very efficient at nullifying electromagnetic smog.
Bloodstone (Combination of Green Quartz & Jasper). Aries, Pisces & Libra. Excellent blood cleanser & powerful healer. Mystical & magical properties. Heightens intuition, increases creativity. Excellent grounding & protecting stone, keeps out undesirable influences. Stimulates dreaming, powerful revitalizer. Gives courage, teaches how to avoid dangerous situations. Calms mind, reduces irritability, aggressiveness & impatience.
Blue Fluorite Contains generic properties of Fluorite in addition to: Enhances creative, orderly thought & clear communication. Dual-action stone, calms or revitalizes energy as needed. Amplifies your healing potential by tightly focussing brain activity. Heals eye, nose, ear & throat problems.
Blue Lace Agate Pisces. Wonderful healing stone – especially powerful for the throat. Cooling & calming, brings peace of mind. Activates & heals the throat chakra, free expression of thoughts & feelings, heals a feeling of “suffocating” and battling to breath. Nurturing & supportive. Neutralizes anger. Counteracts feelings of supression from fear of being judged. Counteracts mental stress. Brings deep inner peace.
Boji Stone Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo & Taurus. Most effective grounding stone. Strongly protective. Useful in overcoming blockages. Smooth stones have feminine energy, protruded have male – pairs balance male-female energy in the body. Clear blocked emotions & heal hurtful memories. Reveal negative thought patterns. Aligns you with your shadow self. Stimulates flow of energy. Emotionally stabilizing but insist work be done first.
Bornite (Peacock Rock) Cancer. “Stone of Happiness”. Brings freshness and newness to your life. Stimulates your inner self to seek new heights and allows you to enjoy happiness in the moment. Excellent in helping you integrate and unite the existing separation of emotions with the intellect. Helps you release what is no longer useful. Promotes insights into the aspects of grief  and relief – allowing you to recognise & accept the differences. Provides a message that life is truly joyful to experience. Protects you from energy bombardment and helps you recognise the source of negativity. Provides insight into obstacles that are blocking your progress towards specific goals.
Botswana Agate Scorpio. Enhances creativity. Helps you release suppressed emotions and helps you look towards solutions rather than dwell on the problem. Encourages eternal love and allows you to recognise that eternal love is a constant in an ever-changing universe. Also encourages preciseness in tasks and helps you maintain watchfulness during activities requiring vigilance. Helps you maintain a forthright character. Attention to detail. Relieves depression and stress. Helps you see and understand the bigger picture, regardless of distortion.
Brandberg Smoky
Smoky Brandbergs from Namibia are new in geological terms but have very old souls. These crystals have a high vibration and just by holding one you can feel they are something truly special. They radiate infinate compassion and are able to facilitate deep soul healing and forgiveness. They are excellent at removing any kind of attachments and for transformation.
Bustamite Libra. A powerful stone for energy work. This is an amazing, powerful new age stone for initiation, movement and stabilization of energy. Removes energy blockages and re-aligns the energy channels. Accesses the angelic realm in the purity of white light.
Calcite Cancer. Powerful amplifier & cleanser of energy simply by having in a room. Connects emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intelligence. Positive effect, especially if you have lost hope or motivation. Combats laziness. Calms the mind, stimulates insights & boosts memory. In addition to the generic properties of Calcite above, specific colours of Calcite have the following properties: Black – Record keeper. Blue – Recuperation & relaxation, dissolves pain. Clear – “cure all”. Gold – mental alertness. Green – mental healer. Orange – highly energizing. Red – uplifts emotions. Yellow – stimulates the will. As a specific form of Calcite, Apophyllite has the following properties in addition to the properties above:
Allows you to recognize & act upon truth in all situations. Enhances mindful analysis, combined with universal love, helping you to realize that “the state of perfection is the natural state of being”. Helps you be reflective and recognize your behaviour & attitudes. Enhances and stimulates your intuitive vision. As a specific form of Calcite, Aragonite has the following properties in addition to the properties above:
Reliable earth-healer and grounding Crystal. Attuned to the Earth Goddess. Transforms gropathic stress. Centres & grounds physical energies, useful in times of stress. Teaches patience & acceptance, combatting oversensitivity. Good for people who push themselves too hard, facilitating delegation. Aids concentration, brings flexibility & tolerace to the mind, and gives insight into the cause of problems & situations. Makes you feel comfortable & well within your own body.
Carnelian Taurus, Cancer & Leo. Grounds & anchors you in reality. Full of life force & vitality. Stabilizing with high energy, excellent for restoring vitality & motivation & stimulating creativity. Cleanses other stones. Removes fear of death. Gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy & motivates for success in business. Overcoming abuse of any kind. Trust yourself & your perception. Powerful protector against envy, rage & resentment. Calms anger, banishes negative emotions & replaces with love for life.
Celestite Gemini. Teacher for the New Age, imbued with divine energies, contacts the angelic realm. Useful for stimulating clairvoyance & dream recall. Promotes purity of the heart & attracts good fortune. Heals the aura & reveals truth. Brings balance & enlightenment. Deep peace assists in conflict resolution. Improves relationships. Creative. Gentle strength with enormous inner peace. Teacher of trust in the infinite wisdom of the divine.
Cerussite Virgo. Excellent grounding stone that assists in feeling comfortable in the environment. Homesickness. Letting go of the past. Teaches you the lessons you are here to learn. Promotes decision making & stimulates growth. Flexibility, adapting to change. Tactfulness. Enhances communication.
Chalcedony Cancer & Sagittarius. Nurturing stone that promotes goodwill & group stability. Absorbs negative energy & prevents onward transmission. Brings the mind, body & spirit into harmony. Instils benevolence & generosity while removing hostility & transforming melancholy into joy. Eases self-doubt, facilitates constructive inward reflection. Creates an open & enthusiastic persona. Absorbs & dissipates negative thoughts, emotions & bad dreams.
Charoite Sagittarius & Scorpio. Stone of transformation. Soul stone that overcomes fear. Stimulates inner vision & aids in coping with enormous change at a spiritual level. Stimulates unconditional love. Deep physical & emotional healing. Overcoming compulsions & obsessions. Useful for overcoming resistance & frustration. Puts things into perspective. Drive, spontaneity & vigour while reducing stress & worry.
Chevron Amethyst In addition to the generic properties of Amethyst, a Chevron Amethyst is an excellent stone for journeying and inner-self evaluation. It brings you the strength and loving essence to continue with pursuits. Brilliant for cleansing the aura. Helps you retrace any negative energies attempting to penetrate your protective shield, providing information about the reasons and origin of the negativity. Stimulates understanding of a positive answer to any imaginable problem. Allows growth in accessing the ability of spiritual healing.
Chrysoberyl Leo. Stone of new beginnings. Compassion, forgiveness, generosity & confidence. Increases spiritual & personal power, excellent for creativity. Strengthens self-worth, releases outworn energy patterns. Helps you see both sides of a problem, useful in strategic planning. Alexandrite – personal magnetism, centres, brings joy. Cat’s Eye – magical, confidence, happiness, serenity & good luck. Cymophane – stimulates intellect.
Chrysocolla Gemini, Virgo & Taurus. Tranquil & sustaining stone. Draws off negative energies of all kinds within the home. Helps you accept constantly changing situations with serenity, invoking great inner strength. Helps relationships that have become rocky. Calms, cleanses & re-energizes the chakra. Draws out negative emotions like guilt & reverses destructive emotional programming. Heals heartache. Encourages self-awareness, enhances personal power.
Chrysoprase Libra. Imparts a sense of being part of the divine whole. Promotes love of truth, gives hope & personal insights. Draws out talents & stimulates creativity. Encourages fidelity in business & personal relationships. Brings universal energy into the body. Calming and non-egotistical, creating openness to new situations. Overcomes compulsive/impulsive thoughts & actions, turning your attention to positive. Fluent speech. Prevents nightmares.
Citrine Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo. Abundance stone. Powerful cleanser & regenerator. Power of the sun, warming, energizing & highly creative. Never needs cleansing. Absorbs, dissipates & grounds negative energy – extremely protective in environment. Energizes every aspect of your life. Teaches how to manifest & attract wealth, prosperity & success. Happy, generous stone. Place in wealth corner of your home (furtherest back left corner from front door)
Clear Fluorite Contains generic properties of Fluorite in addition to: Energizes the aura & harmonizes the intellect with the spirit. Aligns the chakra bringing universal energy into the body. Enhances the effect of other Crystals during healing. Can clear obscured vision.
Danburite Leo. Highly spiritual stone, very pure vibration, works on the heart chakra. Activates intellect & higher consciousness, links to angelic realm. Smoothes the path ahead. Provides a link to serenity & eternal wisdom. Excellent stone for facilitating deep change & leaving the past behind. Karmic cleanser. Promotes ease, patience, peace of mind.
Descloizite Taurus. Strengthens your inventiveness, intensifying your movement towards future visions and assisting you in releasing old social patterns & out-dated conditions while finding innovative and new directions. Stone of unconditional love, assisting you to consider the highest good in all. Encourages creativity and originality. Enhances personal image and helps with effective presentations. Great for presenters and those in the scientific arenas. Stimulates independence, versatility and the release of restrictions by yourself or by others. When programmed specifically, it will bring forth a dynamic change with no concomitant suffering or distress.
Desert Rose Selenite In addition to the generic properties of Selenite: Helps to dissolve self-imposed programs that have been running for too long. Releases the program & assists in finding an appropriate replacement. Can be used to strengthen affirmations of purpose.
Dioptase Sagittarius & Scorpio. Powerful healer for the heart. Promotes living in the present moment. Positive attitude to life. Tunes into your own resources. Works in all areas of life to turn negative into positive. Gives you direction. Releases the need to control others. Dissolves grief, betrayal & sorrow, heals heartache & pain of abandonment. Brings a new vibration of love. Teaches that ultimately pain & difficulty in a relationship is a mirroring of an inner separation from the self. Repairs that link and draws in love at all levels. Heals emotional black hole.
Enhydro Eons in age, (usually) pure liquid that has been deposited within a mineral. In addition to the qualities of the host mineral, the following applies: Provides for coupling of imagination and practicality, inducing a sensibility in employment, relationships and the acceptance of responsibilities. Brings honour to your circumstances. Contains a life-sustaining energy, initiating adaptability in situations that otherwise could become stressful. Assists in change. Provides a concentrated determination of both the acceleration and the ease of reformation of the self. In healing, it assists in bringing the body to the state of specified condition that you are trying to get to.
Epidote Gemini. Truly a stone to experience in all aspects of life, as it provides for increase in that to which you attune to. Dispels critical-ness, enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction and supplements personal power. Combats dehydration.
Ettringite Gemini. Activates more of the yin qualities, but also provides for emotional and physical balancing – and provides strength and vitality to the physical body. Allows you to distinguish between sincerity and insincerity, truth and untruth, loving attitudes and unloving, etc. It actually provides for a mechanism to clarify situations of duality. Helps you experience the diversions in life with openness, to be receptive and understanding of fluctuating emotional states. Its message is that if you lose faith in another, you will find faith in yourself.
Fairy Quartz In addition to the generic properties of Quartz: Links to the Faery kingdom & the devas. Helps you unravel your family myths & the ancestral or cultural stories in which you are locked. It soothes the environment, removes emotional pain and calms children after nightmares.
Feldspar Aquarius. Assists in detaching from the old, encouraging unconventional and exciting methods to attaining your goals. Provides support in issues of self-awareness and self-love. Helps you locate that which has been misplaced, and in discovering and understanding previously unidentified messages from both within and without the self.
Fishtail Selenite In addition to the generic properties of Selenite: Provides deep healing for the nerves. It is extremely calming, stabilizing emotions & defusing tension. This form of Selenite is also referred to as “Angel’s Wing Selenite”, as it facilitates angelic contact.
Fluorite Capricorn & Pisces. Highly protective. Extremely protective against electromagnetic smog, geopathic stress & outside influences. Draws off negative energies & stress of all kinds. Cleanses, purifies, dispels & re-organizes anything in the body not in perfect order. Overcomes any form of disorganisation & chaos. Structure into daily life. Group purpose. Excellent learning aid – organizes & processes information, increases concentration. Promotes quick thinking.
Fossil Virgo. In ancient times, fossils were believed to be stony casts of seed decedents that grew on Earth from the realms of the stars. This gift from the stars was used to enhance telepathic communication between this present reality and the prior worlds. Heightens and supplements your accomplishments in the business realm and instils quality and excellence within your environment. Helps you to dispense with old programming and schedules, and to be open, receptive and perceptive of the fresh innovative forces available.
Garnet Leo, Virgo, Capricorn & Aquarius. Powerful energizing & regenerating stone. Revitalizes, purifies & balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate. Protective, warns of coming danger. Inspires love & devotion. Balances sex drive. Stone of commitment. Useful in a crisis, it fortifies, activates & strengthens the survival instinct. Promotes mutual assistance in times of trouble. Clears negative chakra energy.
Goethite Aries. Teaches you to enjoy the journey of life while enhancing progression towards the goal. Inspires pragmatism with imagination, bringing energy to the pursuits of discovery. Enhances communication with angels and on the physical realm. Alleviates distractions and provides intensified concentration. Enhances psychic abilities.
Golden Healer Quartz In addition to the generic properties of Quartz: facilitates spiritual communication and empowers healing on all levels. Excellent stone for healing on all levels & in all situations, promoting the recognition of methods & techniques that will further recovery from all disorders.
Green Fluorite Contains generic properties of Fluorite in addition to: Grounds excess energy, dissipates emotional trauma. Clears infections. Excellent at absorbing negative energies within the environment. Brings information up from the subconscious mind & accesses intuition. Effective auric, chakra & mental cleanser, dissipating obsolete conditioning.
Green Mica (Fuchsite) Accesses knowledge with great practical value. Receives guidance on health matters & well being. Helps you understand your interaction with others & relates to basic concerns about life. Reverses tendency towards martyrdom, excellent for those who fall instantly into the “saviour/rescuer” mode & then become victims themselves. Teaches true self worth. Combines unconditional love with “tough love”, teaching you when to say no more. Especially helps those cast into the “patient” role.
Harlequin Quartz In addition to the generic properties of Quartz: aids in the expression of universal love. Activates the will to recover from illness, relieves despondency. Beautiful “dancing” energy stimulates energy flow on all levels.
Hematite Aries & Aquarius. Grounding & protecting. Harmonizes mind, body & spirit. Strongly yang, it addresses yin imbalances. Dissolves negativity. Helps in legal situations. Supports timid women, boosting self esteem & survival instincts, enhancing willpower, reliability & confidence. Treats overeating, smoking and all kinds of compulsions & addictions. Helps you come to terms with past mistakes. Helps in the study of maths & technical subjects. Cools the body.
Hyalite (Water Opal) In addition to the generic properties of Opal: Wonderful stone for scrying. Stimulates connection with the spiritual realm. Mood stabilizer. Teaches that the body is a temporary vehicle for the soul.
Iceland Spar Calcite Contains generic properties of Calcite in addition to: Amplifies images & heals the eyes. Aids in seeing the double meaning behind words. Reduces tension that causes migraines. Excellent cleanser of the subtle bodies.
Iron Pyrite Excellent energy shield. Blocks out negative energy & pollutants at all levels. Deflects harm & danger. Very positive stone. Overcomes inertia & feelings of inadequacy. Taps into abilities & potential, stimulates flow of ideas. Placed on a desk it energizes the area all around it. Helpful when planning big business concepts. Teaches how to see behind the facade to what really is. Promotes diplomacy. Relieves anxiety & frustration.
Jade Aries, Gemini, Taurus & Libra. Symbol of purity & serenity. Signifies wisdom gathered in tranquillity. Increases love & nurturing. Protective. Brings harmony. Promotes self-sufficiency. Stabilizes the personality, integrates mind & body. Releases negative thoughts & soothes the mind. Stimulates ideas, makes tasks seem less complex & aids immediate action. Brings insightful dreams. Aids emotional release, especially irritability. Encourages you to become who you really are.
Jasper Leo. Supreme nurturer. Sustains & supports during times of stress, brings tranquillity & wholeness. Unifies all aspects of your life. Aligns the chakra. Dream recall. Provides protection & grounds energy. Balances yin & yan, aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Clears electromagnetic smog & environmental pollution. Imparts determination. Brings courage to deal with problems assertively. Encourages honesty with self. Prolongs sexual pleasure.
Kunzite Scorpio, Taurus & Leo. Extremely spiritual stone. Awakens the heart centre & unconditional love, producing loving thoughts & communication. Radiates peace & connects you to universal love. Protective, working on the individual & the environment. Shields the aura from unwanted energies. Encourages self-expression. Removes obstacles from your path, helps you adjust to the pressures of life. Aids in recovering repressed memories. Helps take action on constructive criticism.
Kyanite Taurus, Libra & Aries. Excellent for meditation. Tranquilising. Doesn’t hold negativity so never needs cleansing. Encourages speaking your truth, cutting through fear & blockages. Opens the throat chakra to encourage self-expression & communication. Cuts through ignorance & confusion and dispels illusion, anger, frustration & stress. Increases capacity for linear & logical thought. In addition to the generic properties above, specific colours of Kyanite have the following additional properties:
Blue – strengthens the voice, great for performers & public speakers.
Black – grounds the body.
Labradorite Sagittarius, Scorpio & Leo. Highly mystical & protective stone, a bringer of light. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura & prevents energy leakage. Accesses spiritual purpose. Stimulates intuition & psychic gifts, including the art of “right timing”, bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface & facilitating their understanding. Banishes fears & insecurities & debris from previous disappointments. Strengthens faith in yourself & trust in the universe.
Lapis Lazuli Sagittarius. Stimulates enlightenment & enhances dream work. Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. Possesses enormous serenity. Protective stone that contacts guardians. Recognizes psychic attacks, blocks them & returns the energy to its source. Teaches the power of the spoken word. Harmonizes physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels, the harmony bringing deep inner self-knowledge.
Lepidolite Libra. Clears electromagnetic smog – place on computers etc. In Mica form the properties are amplified. Insists on being used for the highest good. Dissipates negativity. Accesses the Akashic Record. Takes you towards the future. Extremely useful in reducing stress & depression. Halts obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency & overcomes insomnia. Contains Lithium, making it helpful in stabilizing mood swings & bipolar disorders. Stone of transition.
Limonite Virgo. Helps you change your life towards stability and comfort. Provides the strength and virility of youth, enhancing the substance of your character. Provides protection against detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity and psychic attack. Strengthens and furthers accurateness of intuitiveness. Limonite is one of the minerals which precipitated in the formation of red phantom Crystals.
Magnesite Aries. Brings deep peace to meditation & relaxation. Stimulates heartfelt love, including love for the self. Helps with unconditional love in difficult relationships because of the other person’s behaviour or addictions. Centres. Brings all forms of self-deceit to the surface. Helps to recognise unconscious thoughts & feelings, and exploring the reason for these. Induces a positive attitude to life. Powerful effect on the mind, bringing the hemispheres into harmony & stimulating ideas & their application.
Magnetite Aries, Capricorn, Aquarius & Virgo. Powerful positive-negative polarity. Acts as a grounding stone. Attracts & repels, energizes & sedates as needed – if the body is trying too hard to heal itself & a meridian is over energized, Magnetite will calm it with a negative charge. If it is sluggish, Magnetite will activate it with a positive charge. Extremely useful in sports injuries as it relieves aches & pains in muscles. Aids telepathy, meditation & visualisation. Provides for a balanced perspective & trust in your own intuitions. As it is magnetic, it attracts love, commitment & loyalty.
Malachite Capricorn & Scorpio. Some believe this powerful, adventurous stone is still evolving & will become one of the most important healing stones of the new millennium. It is already an important protective stone. Absorbs negative energies & pollutants easily. Stone of transformation. Encourages risk-taking & change. Mercilessly shows you what is blocking your spiritual growth. Use carefully in raw state as powder is toxic. Safe in tumbled form.
Mangano (Pink) Calcite Contains generic properties of Calcite in addition to: Heart Crystal in contact with the angelic realm. Stone of forgiveness, releases fear & grief that keep the heart trapped in the past, bringing in unconditional love. Aids self-worth & self-acceptance, heals nervous conditions & lifts tension & anxiety. Prevents nightmares. Gently dissolves resistance. Helpful for any-one who has suffered a trauma or assault.
Moonstone Cancer, Libra & Scorpio. Stone of new beginnings. Connected to the moon & intuition. Reminds us that, like the moon, everything is part of a cycle of change. Most powerful at calming the emotions. Worn as a pendant it encourages acceptance of your psychic gifts. Calms overreactions to situations & emotional triggers. Receptive, feminine energy. Alleviates menstrual tension and PMS. Opens the mind to serendipity & synchronicity.
Muscovite (Mica) Aquarius. Mystical stone with a strong angelic contact, stimulating awareness of the higher self. Allows recognition of the flaws in humanity & at the same time stimulates unconditional love & acceptance. Reflective, mirroring & allowing yourself to recognise your projections. Disperses insecurity, self-doubt & clumsiness. Aids problem-solving & stimulates quick-wittedness. Facilitates clear expression of thoughts & feelings. Improves your appearance, putting a sheen to hair, a sparkle to eyes and helping the body achieve its most appropriate weight.
Nebula Stone Combination of 4 minerals, creating a stone with unique metaphysical properties still being explored. Blends the vibration of light carried in its Quartz component into the physical body, enlightening the cells & activating their consciousness. This raises overall conscious-awareness, bringing remembrance of the soul’s roots. Gazing into the Nebula Stone takes you outward into infinity & inward into the smallest particle of being. Ultimately, the 2 become one. This is a stone of non-duality & oneness.
Obsidian Sagittarius. A stone without boundaries or limitations. Works extremely fast & with great power. Truth enhancing, reflective qualities are merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses & blockages. Nothing can be hidden from Obsidian. Provides deep soul healing. Strongly protective, it forms a shield against negativity & extremely effectively soaks up negativity. Helps highly sensitive people. Use sparingly to begin – many people find this stone overwhelming. Cleansing after each use is very important. Black – powerful & creative. Blue – enhances telepathy. Mahogany – gentler than black. Rainbow – strongly protective, gentler than black.
Onyx Leo. Strength giving. Provides support in difficult or confusing situations & during times of enormous mental or physical stress. Centres you energy & aligns it with a higher power. Promotes vigour, steadfastness & stamina. Aids learning lessons, imparting self-confidence & helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. Assists you in keeping your own counsel. Can heal old grief & sorrow. Alleviates overwhelming fears & worries.
Opal Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio. Stimulates originality & dynamic creativity. Aids in expressing one’s true self. Enhancing self-worth, helps you understand your true potential. Brings lightness & spontaneity. Seductive stone that intensifies emotional states & releases inhibitions. Teaches you to take responsibility for how you feel. Fire Opal – enhancer of personal power, awakening inner fire, and protects against danger. Symbol of hope, excellent for business, energy amplifier. Helps you let go of the past. Re-energizing and warming.
Virgo, Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius. Protective stone for the aura. Powerful cleanser, releasing & neutralizing toxins on all levels. Clears burdens, guilt & obsessions. Releases negative patterns. Helps you understand your destiny & your spiritual path. Helpful for healers. Enhances assertion without aggression. Assists in looking into past to find the gift in experiences & shows how to forgive yourself. Sharpens the mind. Banishes lethargy, showing you things you’ve neglected.
Petalite (Angel Stone) Leo. Rare. Stone of the New Age with a high, pure vibration. Protective stone that enhances meditation. Worn on the body it constantly energizes & activates all the energy centres of the body at all the levels. Enhances & energizes the environment it is placed in.
Phantom Quartz Symbolizes universal awareness. Stimulates healing for the planet & activates healing abilities in people. Connects to a spiritual guide. Accesses Akashic record. Treats hearing disorders & opens clairaudience. Amethyst Phantom – aids evaluation of progress made with spiritual lessons. Chlorite Phantom (Green) – helps in self-realization, powerful, positive healing stone.
Phenacite Gemini. Has one of the highest Crystal vibrations yet discovered. Connects personal consciousness to a high frequency. Contacts the angelic realm & Ascended Masters. Purifying & integrating. Heals the soul. Properties vary according to where it originates from & the state of mind of the person using it.
Picture Jasper Contains generic properties of Jasper in addition to: said to be Earth Mother speaking to her children. Contains a message from the past with its pictures for those who can read it. Brings to surface hidden feelings of guilt, envy, hatred & love – thoughts that are normally pushed aside. Once the repression is released, they are seen as lessons along the way. Instils a sense of proportion & harmony. Brings comfort & alleviates fear.
Pietersite Leo. Known as the Tempest Stone because of its connection to the storm element. Stone of vision. Dispels the illusion of separateness & removes beliefs & conditioning imposed by other people. Links you to the source of your own inner guidance & helps you recognise the truth or falsehood of other people’s words. Dissolves stubborn blockages & clears confusion. Supports your willpower. Promotes walking your own truth.
Prehnite Libra. Stone of unconditional love. Heals the healer. Enhances visualisation process. Connects to Archangel Raphael. Enhances recognition & inner knowing. Enables you to always be prepared, no matter what. Enhances prophecy & shows you the way forward for your spiritual growth. Seals the aura in a protective sheath of divine energy.  Calms the environment, bringing peace & protection, making your home a healing sanctuary. Helps hoarders, aiding you let go of possessions you no longer need & organizing what you keep in an appropriate way.
Purple & Violet Fluorite Contains generic properties of Fluorite in addition to: Imparts common sense to psychic communication. Excellent meditation stone.
Pyrolusite Leo. Has the ability to transform & restructure energies. Heals energetic disturbances & transmutes dis-ease. Extremely useful stone to put in your environment as it repels negative energy & strengthens the aura in the process. Prevents undue influences from some-one with a strong mind. Enables you to stay true to your own beliefs, even in the face of stronger personalities. Promotes confidence, optimism & determination.
Quartz All Astrological Signs. Most powerful healing & energy amplifier in the world. Absorbs, stores, releases, regulates & unblocks energy. Used on acupuncture needles, increasing effectiveness by 10%. Doubles your biomagnetic field. Takes energy to the most perfect state possible, going back to before the dis-ease set in. Works on all levels of being. Aids concentration & unlocks memory. Great energy saver. Master healer & can be used for any condition.
Red Jasper Contains generic properties of Jasper in addition to: gently stimulating. Grounds energy & rectifies unjust situations. Brings problems to light before they become too big & provides insights into the most difficult situations. Calms the emotions when played with. Strengthens your boundaries. Stone of health.
Rhodochrosite Scorpio & Leo. Represents selfless love & compassion. Expands consciousness & integrates the spiritual with material energies. Imparts a dynamic & positive attitude. Excellent stone for the heart & relationships, especially for people who feel unloved. Brilliant in healing sexual abuse. Attracts a soulmate. Teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down, & removes denial.
Rhodonite Taurus. Emotional balancer that nurtures love. Shows both sides of an issue. Stimulates, clears & activates the heart. Grounds energy, balances yin-yang & helps you achieve your highest potential. Great “first aid” stone, heals emotional shock & pain, providing a supporting energy to the soul during the process. Extremely beneficial in cases of emotional self-destruction, co-dependency & abuse. Clears away emotional wounds & scars from the past. Helps with forgiveness & unselfish self-love in dealing with long-term pain & abuse.
Rhyolite Sagittarius. Ignites the potential & creativity of the soul. Facilitates change without forcing it. Facilitates knowing from a soul level. Accesses karmic wisdom. Strengthens soul, body & mind, helps you explore the full extent of yourself. Excellent for keeping you anchored in the present moment. Enhances self-esteem & self-worth, imparting a sense of self-respect & acceptance of your true self. Strength to deal calmly with challenging life situations.
Rose Quartz Taurus & Libra. Stone of unconditional love & infinite peace. Most important stone for the heart chakra, teaching the essence of true love. Purifies & opens the heart on all levels, bringing a deep inner healing & self love. Calming & reassuring, excellent for use in trauma or crisis. Attracts love into your life – place in relationship corner of bedroom or home. So effective you might need Amethyst to calm things down in existing relationships! Restores trust & harmony. Gently draws off negative energy & replaces it with loving vibes. Strengthens empathy.
Ruby Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Sagittarius. Excellent stone for energy. Imparts vigour to life. Energizes & balances. Encourages passion for life in a non-destructive way. Improves motivation & setting realistic goals. Encourages you to follow your bliss. Powerful shield against psychic attack & vampirism of the heart energy. Promotes positive dreams. Stone of abundance, aids retaining wealth & passion. Brings about a positive & courageous state of mind.
Selenite (Satin Spar) Taurus. Brings clarity of mind. Accesses angelic consciousness & higher guidance. Calm stone that instils deep peace. Enhances telepathy. One of the most powerful Crystals for the new vibration on earth. Used to protectively grid your home, it creates a safe & quiet space that doesn’t allow outside influences in. Pinpoints lessons still to be worked on & shows how to best resolve them. Assists in judgement & insight. Clears confusion. Blue – quiets the intellect, quickly reveals the core of a problem. Green – makes you feel good about yourself, overcomes effects of aging.
Seraphinite (Serafina) Stone of spiritual enlightenment. Excellent for self-healing. Angelic connection. Promotes living from the heart, has a gentle cleansing effect on the heart chakra, opening to love. Can assist with reviewing the progress of life & with identifying the changes needed to put you on the path to peace & fulfilment.
Serpentine Gemini. Earthing stone that aids meditation. Opens psychic abilities & new pathways for kundalini energy to rise. Assists in the retrieval of wisdom & memory of past lives. Helps you feel more in control of your life. Corrects mental & emotional imbalances. Assists in conscious direction of healing energy towards problem areas. Extremely cleansing & detoxifying for the body & blood. Said to ensure longevity.
Shattuckite Aquarius & Sagittarius. Highly spiritual stone, heightens vibration. Brings clear psychic vision & aids in understanding & communicating what is seen. Strongly protective. Gently brings the body back into balance.
Smoky Quartz Capricorn & Sagittarius. One of the most efficient grounding & anchoring stones. Superb for stress, assisting in dealing with difficult times. Gently neutralizes negative vibrations, blocks geopathic stress & electromagnetic smog. Brings a positive vibration to fill the space. Relieves fear, lifts depression & brings emotional calm. Takes away suicidal tendencies & nightmares. Promotes positive thought & helps you leave behind anything that no longer serves you. Helps you accept your body & sexual nature, allowing passion to flow freely. Promotes concentration. Brandberg Smoky Quartz is a treasured form of Smoky Quartz that comes from the Brandberg mountains in Namibia. These crystals, in addition to the generic properties of Smoky Quartz, have a superior healing ability and really do possess an amazing, unique energy. Although they were only fairly recently discovered, Brandbergs are believed to have old souls within their youthful energy.
Snow Quartz
(Milk Quartz / Quartzite)
Supports you while you learn lessons. Helps you let go of overwhelming responsibilities & limitations. Perfect for people who feel “put upon” but are actually creating that situation because they need to be needed. Overcomes martyrdom & victimisation. Enhances tact & cooperation. Helps you think before you speak. Links to deep inner wisdom previously denied in yourself & society. Slower & gentler than Clear Quartz but just as effective.
Snowflake Obsidian Calms & soothes, putting you in the right frame to be receptive before bringing to your attention ingrained patterns of behaviour. Teaches you to value mistakes & successes. Stone of purity, providing balance for body, mind & spirit. Helps you recognize & release stressful mental patterns. Makes isolation & loneliness empowering.
Soldalite Sagittarius. Unites logic with intuition & opens spiritual perception. Instils a drive for truth, helping you remain true to yourself & stand up for your beliefs. Clears electromagnetic smog. Helps in group work, bringing harmony & solidarity of purpose, stimulating trust & companionship. Excellent stone for the mind, it eliminates confusion, encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth & intuitive perception, together with verbalization of feelings. Calms the mind, allowing new information to be received. Brings about emotional balance & calms panic attacks.
Spirit Quartz In addition to the generic properties of Quartz: Carries universal love. The covering radiates high-vibration energy while the core tightly focuses healing energy. Facilitates smooth transfer between beta and alpha brainwaves. Useful for those who give service to others, it facilitates groups and provides insights into community or family discord. Cleanses other stones and transfers their energy in a healing layout, or stabilizes earth energy.
Sugilite (Luvulite/Royal Azel) Virgo. One of the major love stones. Represents spiritual love & wisdom, opening all the chakra to the flow of that love & bringing them into alignment. Teaches you how to live from your truth. Finds all answers to the great questions in life, like why you are here & who you are. Protects the soul from shocks, trauma & disappointments. Brings love & light into the darkest situations. Resolves group difficulties & encourages loving communication. Treats autism.
Sulphur Leo. Excellent for absorbing negative energies & emotions. Placed in the environment it absorbs negativity of any kind & removes barriers to progress. Volcanically produced, this stone treats anything that erupts: feelings, violence, skin conditions & fevers. Reaches the rebellious & stubborn part of the personality. Blocks repetitive & distracting thought patterns, inspires the imagination, aids reasoning & grounds the thought process in the here & now.
Sunstone Leo & Libra. Joyful, light-inspiring stone. Restores the sweetness of life & helps you look after yourself. Allows the real self to shine through happily. Helps remove “hooks” from others. Helps you learn to say no. Removes co-dependency, facilitates self-empowerment, independence & vitality. Overcomes procrastination. Acts as an antidepressant, lifting dark moods. Treats Seasonal Defective Disorder. Reverses the feeling of failure.
(Lavender-Blue Ziosite)
In addition to the generic properties of Ziosite: Links to the angelic realms, spirit guides and Ascended Masters. Facilitates communication of insights.
Tektite Aries & Cancer. Rare. Meteorite. Forms a link between creative energy & matter. Helps you release undesirable experiences, remembering lessons learned & concentrating on those. Takes you deep into the heart of the matter, promoting insight into the cause & necessary action. Balances energy flow & heals chakra. Strengthens the aura. Traditionally worn as a talisman for fertility on all levels. Balances male – female energies within the personality.
Tiger Iron (Combination of Jasper, Hematite & Tigers Eye). Promotes vitality, helps in passing through change. Points to places of refuge when danger threatens. Extremely helpful for people who are deeply exhausted at any level, especially those suffering from emotional or mental burn-out or family stress. Promotes change by opening space to contemplate what is needed & providing energy to take action.
Tiger’s Eye Capricorn. Combines the earth energy with the energy of the sun to create a high vibration that is still grounded. Protective stone. Shows the correct use of power, brings out integrity. Assists in accomplishing goals, recognising inner resources & promoting clarity of intention. Helpful for people who are spaced out or uncommitted. Useful for recognising both your needs & those of others. Aids in collecting scattered information to make a coherent whole. Resolves dilemmas & internal conflicts. Heals personality disorders. Heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism & blocked creativity. Differentiates between wishful thinking about what you want & what you really need. Helps you see your own talents & abilities, as well as faults to overcome. Supports addictive personalities in making a change. Lifts depression & dark moods. Balances the emotional body. Blue – calming.
Titanium Quartz Activates all the energy centres in the body. Brings in vibrant energy and zest for life. Helps in dysfunctional relationships as it shows projections & helps release negative emotions like resentment or old grief, bringing deep insights into the relationship at all levels. Aids in releasing karmic ties that are hindering current relationships. Creates a transformed relationship full of vitality and harmony.
Topaz Sagittarius. Mellow, empathetic stone that directs energy to where it is needed most. Soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, motivates & aligns the meridians. Promotes truth & forgiveness. Cuts through doubt & uncertainty. Inspires trust in the universe, allowing you to “be” rather than to “do”. Its vibrant energy brings joy, generosity, abundance & good health. Extremely supportive for affirmations & reaching goals. Helps you discover your own inner riches. Blue – angels of truth & wisdom. Clear – purifying emotions. Golden – recharges. Pink – stone of hope.
Tourmalinated Quartz (Combination of Tourmaline & Clear Quartz). Effective grounding stone, strengthens the body’s energy field. Dissolves old patterns & releases tension at any level. Harmonizes opposite elements & turns negative thoughts & energies into positive ones. Helps to integrate & heal the shadow energies, alleviating self-sabotage. Effective problem solver.
Tourmaline Libra. Cleanses, purifies & transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations. Forms a protective shield around the body. Clear the aura, remove blockages, disperse negative energy & point to solutions for specific problems – all round healer. Devic energies. Gardens & plants (natural insecticide). Aids in understanding yourself & others. Takes you deep within yourself, strengthening self-confidence and banishing fear. Powerful mental healer. Treats dyslexia. Releases tension. In addition to the generic properties of Tourmaline, specific colours of Tourmaline have the following properties: Black – protects against electromagnetic smog, psychic attack & all negative energies. Blue – aids psychic awareness, ray of peace. Brown – excellent grounding stone. Colourless – synthesizes all colours. Green – excellent healer. Multicoloured – brings body, mind & soul to a whole. Pink – aphrodisiac, attracts love. Watermelon – “super-activator” of heart chakra, fosters love, tenderness & friendship. Instils patience.
Turquoise Sagittarius, Pisces & Scorpio. Most efficient healer, providing solace for the spirit & well-being of the body. Protective. Traditionally believed to change colour to warn of danger of infidelity. Promotes spiritual attunement, enhancing communication with the physical & spiritual worlds. Enhances meditation & intuition. Purification. Dispels negative energy & clears electromagnetic smog, providing protection against pollutants in the environment. Empathetic & balancing. Promoter of self-realization, assists creative problem-solving. Strengthening. Stops self-sabotage.
Unakite Scorpio. Stone of vision. Balances emotions & spirituality. Brings a calm, gentle energy & can negate the effects of electromagnetic smog. Facilitates rebirth, bringing to light & integrating insights from the past about the cause of blockages, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual & psychological growth. Reaches the root cause of dis-ease in any level & brings to the surface so that it can be transformed. Recovery from major illnesses.
Yellow Fluorite Contains generic properties of Fluorite in addition to: Enhances creativity & stabilizes group energy. Particularly helpful for co-operative endeavours. Supports intellectual activities. Releases toxins.
Zeolite All Astrological Signs. Assist in the improvement of the environment, absorbing toxic products and odours. Improve agricultural pursuits. Excellent energy for Reiki, to further your actions and stimulate the proper response to the energies applied.
Zincite Libra & Taurus. Powerful stone that synthesizes physical energy & personal power with creativity. Aids the manifestation process & reenergizes depleted energy systems. Removes energy blocks, allowing the life force to flow freely. Attracts abundance at a physical & spiritual level. Instils confidence & the ability to find your own strength.
Ziosite Gemini. Transmutes negative energy into positive. Assists in manifesting your own self rather than being influenced by others or trying to conform to the norm. Aids in realizing your own ideas & transforms destructive urges into positive ones. Dispels lethargy & brings to the surface repressed feelings & emotions so that they can be expressed. Creative stone, bringing the mind back to its objectives after an interruption. Encourages recovery after severe illnesses or stress. Detoxifier.

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