Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus).


Creating a Faery Garden


“We are truly fortunate, for though Faerie Realms remain distant from our own world in this mundane time, there are times and places where the two worlds meet, where a traveller may wander into this Hidden Place. Between places are entrances into this Magical Realm: between Earth and Sea, between Day and Night, between One Place and the Next. This is why gateways and doorways are prime ways into the Otherworld. Standing within a doorway, one is neither in one place or the next, neither outside nor inside. It allows us a passageway into the in-between world of Faerie.”
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Growing Magickal Herbs Tips & Notes

The majickal garden uses earth majick to heal the body, water majick to heal the heart, fire majick to transform the mind and air majick to liberate the spirit.

Tips for Growing Majickal Herbs:

*         Mix mistletoe into soil to upgrade majickal power of plants.

*         Mix in hair from your family (including pets) to infuse the earth with elements from the human and animal worlds.

*         To get the most majickal power from earthworms (who change nutrients into dissolvable form for plants, and aerate the soil), invoke the blessing of Crom Cruaich, the Celtic god of worms on them.

*         Carry a talisman or amulet of the herbs you are working with to empower their growth.

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Casting Magic Spells in Partnership with Your Living Plant Allies

Casting Magic Spells in Partnership with Your Living Plant Allies
From The Element Encyclopaedia of 1000 Spells

Gardens can be both products of enchantment and independent producers of enchantment; they are a living, on-going magic spell. Gardens may be arranged in any variety of ways – colour co-ordinated, whatever was on sale at the nursery, even completely haphazardly. If you select, coordinate, and arrange plants according to the magic powers they radiate, then planting a garden becomes one style of casting a spell. Thus your desire to draw wealth, protection, or fertility to one’s home is manifested by carefully arranging the appropriate plants, and vigilantly removing those possessing opposing, contradictory powers.
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